On the State of Political Rage, Part 7: “Assassination Signaling”

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

It seems as if  “assassination signaling” has just ramped up to the next level of gore, this level actually deadly.

Assassination signaling is akin to “virtue signaling” only not for any sense of  the “conspicuous expression of moral values done primarily with the intent of enhancing standing within a social group” as in the virtue kind, but for the purpose of a hoped-for standing in the anti-Trump movement that wants the president and his administration gone, apparently now by murder, not just by voting him out–as is the hallmark of America’s  tradition of  a “peaceful transfer of power”.

As of the VA assassination spree  by a self-promoted anti-Trump, anti-Republican, far-left devotee, I believe we face a new stage of rage*, this one not armed with merely flaming rhetoric but with bullets.

What’s next, bombs?

This stage of rage has devolved from not just photo ops of fake, bloody, severed heads held up by celebrity attention-seekers  and performances featuring unmistakable Trump-lookalikes playing the doomed Caesar (where many viewers, accustomed to getting the “news” from images and memes, would not comprehend the play in any literary sense, only a political sense).

This phase of malevolence goes far deeper than still other attention-seeking celebrities airing their desire to “blow up the White House” and assassinate the president with a golf club.

This level of evil is not just some hip, slick, and cool, far-Leftist pseudo-“resistance” movement, i.e., “resistance signaling” movement** ginned up by an unfettered anti-Trump/Republican/Conservative press (although real news is still available thanks, in part, to on-the-scene observers with cell phones and other recording devices).

This level of evil is death to those who oppose.

Literal boots and blood on the ground, weapons in hand, no holds barred. Not merely signaling but doing.

According to the thinking of one (real) resister supportive of such tactics, here is at least one end-game uncovered: “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that’s where it’s really at.” Bill Ayers.

Ayers’ history of advocacy of and participation in real violence caused real death, destruction, and devastation in this country. But of course we have already seen what chaos and carnage can occur when certain elements such as the black bloc can do to what might have otherwise been a non-violent, peaceful, and appropriate kind of demonstration of grievance, the kind that is lawful and allowed in our Constitutional right of free expression.

In this kind of demonstration, vandalized buildings, torched cars, bloodied faces, and wrecked (legal) protests result–and attention is diverted from critical thinking and honest debate thus keeping people in fear and away from (genuine) forward thinking and progress. And, ironically, it is usually perpetrated in the name of Progressivism.

So, is Ayers’ brand of social justice to be a portent of worse things to come in the state of political rage now displayed  that is fraying our nation, or is the real resistance of this political season going to be defying the mayhem and mob mentality ginned up by assassination signaling that has, as of yesterday, harkened an ominous turning point?

To the portent: I hope not–for everyone’s sake: Left, Right, Centrist, and all the innocent bystanders as well.

To the real resistance of such evil, i.e., overcoming evil with the good of a return to critical thinking and as much fair play as can happen in a representative republic inhabited by flawed human beings: I pray so.

For there comes a point, if this lethal behavior (both signaled and real) is not stopped, when everybody will be down for the count. For  evil knows no race, creed, color, political party, tribe, tongue or era because its end game is only more evil.

In short, it’s lose/lose for America unless we resist both the armed opposers and the (signaling) posers who incite them.

Please, fellow citizens, let’s take yesterday’s (attempted) assassination spree of Republicans on a baseball field as a real wake-up call.

If it is not too late.

But as the history of this nation attests, it is not too late if we think critically, resist mob mentality, uphold the law, protest legally, talk, discuss, share, write, vote, and pray with diligence and as much of a calm mind and heart as is possible so that chaos–and now real assassination attempts–don’t overcome the greater good of the nation.


*For my other commentaries on the current state of political rage, see  click on this page for a listing of all seven in the series.

**For information on classic resistance movements, both violent and non-violent, against real tyranny not just “tyranny signaling” events or policies some want to claim are the same thing, see here for examples based on  real news, real tyranny, and real oppression (not just “victim signaling” “oppression”. See here for a story of the latest victim signaling by a college group encouraged, now, to tell on anybody they “feel” might be biased against them in some way they alone determine).

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4 Responses to On the State of Political Rage, Part 7: “Assassination Signaling”

  1. Carl Gordon says:

    Again, I hope this goes viral to the world.


    • pnissila says:


      Fortunately, many with much larger audiences are saying similar things about the nature (as in shockingly degraded nature) of “protest” and “opposition” to all things Republican, conservative, and of course, all things pertaining to the current president including his family.

      I was too young to know all of the particulars surrounding the malice expressed in the assassination of JFK, but at least back then the rank and file of America still had some sense of self control and restraint about their opposition to him and his administration.

      Nowadays, however, what with Political Correctness and victim signaling over every little thing real or imagined and what with local policing forces told to “stand down” in various places against violence (Evergreen State College a case in point, for one example) the climate is much, much darker.

      And, I think, people who get caught up in the vortex of this new brand of hatred, new in that what with the Internet, a carefully word-smithed call to violence can now go viral in the speed of a finger-swipe on a cell phone, the web of violence-inciting rage can cast its web much further and much wider.

      Lash-out mobs can be mobilized faster than ever before, with the addition of masked, hooded, and well-funded black blocs showing up at strategic moments to add fuel and wreckage and blood to the fires of the prevailing discontent…

      People also don’t fully appreciate, I think, the real power of the mob mentality, i.e., how easy it is when within a highly emotionally-charged group to fall under the influence of whatever is stirring the mind and sympathetic nervous system (reptilian brain, as it were) that triggers “fight or flight” responses.

      Perhaps a way to comprehend this comes from the complete opposite kind of emotion that stirs group response: think of how when everyone starts laughing at something and how infectious that is–even if the source of the humor is unknown to most. There are funny YouTube videos of this phenomenon. Come to think of it, maybe watching a few of those will help dissipate the dark turn of emotion if just for a bit of comic relief. Here is just one good example of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pER3fa_mTo8. Enjoy.

      But, of course, the operators behind this kind of insidious psy op in the current world of viral protesting, aka, violent rioting, understand the phenomenon exquisitely well and they know also how to exploit it to their advantage…

      THIS is another aspect of what we must resist while continuing to right REAL wrongs lest the entire world fall victim to the REAL masterminds of evil and to the underlying mastermind of evil, himself, as in the father of all rage, violence, and destruction–one believers know as Satan–he of a thousand faces, manifestations and machinations…

      Before it’s too late.

      However, all that said, as believers also know, the end game has been prophesied in many places in the Bible and, ultimately, good does triumph over evil, although, unfortunately, many will be sucked into the maelstrom before then.

      Carry on.


  2. dgb97@comcast.net says:

    Again, your current post is exactly on point, and yesterday’s ballpark tragedy caused me to think of the shot heard around the world that started WW1. Our nation needs to get smart quick.


    • pnissila says:

      Hi, Greg,

      Thank you. Yes. Smart. Quick.

      One thing about resisting today’s far Left, however, is that the violent contingent could care less about any rules of engagement, rhetorical or physical. They want what they want, and they want it NOW, as their rallying chants go. This makes it particularly hard for those desiring to do the right things in the legal ways that can take so much longer in the face of such evil in order to “keep up” with the ratcheting levels of danger.

      Nevertheless, we know how it ends. And in that we can have all hope.



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