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“Another Jesus?” by Dale Rudiger at The Ex-Catholic Journal

I have previously featured some of Dale Rudiger’s writings in various posts, here. He writes of his experiences coming away from Roman Catholicism with compassion and clarity. As referenced in his commentary, below, and elsewhere, there are myriad reasons for … Continue reading

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Is It The Silent Treatment or Emotional Survival, Part 6: “Losin’ All Your Highs and Lows”

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila A segment of the lyrics to the old Eagles’ tune, “Desperado,” that I listened to again, recently, speaks to the topic of this series. These words: “You’re losin’ all your highs and lows; ain’t it funny how … Continue reading

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On the “Human Cube” and Other Walls, 2: Awakening

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila So I keep thinking about the mid-town vagabond I wrote about yesterday “posed” as it were, tight, in a kind of “human cube” shape (for lack of a better way to describe his appearance), ensconced absolutely stillĀ  … Continue reading

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On the “Human Cube” and Other Walls

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila The Human Cube A friend and I were walking back from a popular coffee spot in the middle of a part of the city where gentrification has transformed old Victorians into new chi-chi restaurants and former warehouses … Continue reading

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