Addendum to Part 7–On the State of Political Rage (Assassination Signaling)

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

A commenter on Part 7 expressed  the hope that the post goes viral. I realized that my response, with a few additional words, might offer added perspective on the current state of the rage that many now believe is either approaching– or is now at–the tipping point of evil. Consider:


Fortunately, many with much larger audiences are saying similar things about the nature (as in shockingly degraded nature) of “protest” and “opposition” to all things Republican, conservative, and of course, all things pertaining to the current president including his family.

I was too young to know all of the particulars surrounding the malice expressed in the assassination of JFK, but at least back then the rank and file of America still had some sense of self-control and restraint about their opposition to him and his administration. As a little Catholic kid all I heard were rhymes poking fun at “Protestants” for voting for him. Of course, we now know much more about JFK’s real enemies; it just took a lot longer for their end-game to manifest and catch-fire back then as compared with would-be assassins of today’s president–and future presidents.

Nowadays, what with Political Correctness and victim signaling over every little thing real or imagined and what with local policing forces told to “stand down” in various places against violence (Evergreen State College a case in point, for one example) the climate is much, much darker, and it darkens much faster.

And, I think, people who get caught up in the vortex of this new brand of hatred, new in that what with the Internet, a carefully word-smithed call to violence can now go viral in the speed of a finger-swipe on a cell phone; the web of violence-inciting rage can cast its web much further and much wider.

Lash-out mobs can be mobilized faster than ever before, with the addition of masked, hooded, and well-funded black blocs showing up at strategic moments to add fuel and wreckage and blood to the fires of the prevailing discontent…

People also don’t fully appreciate, I think, the real power of the mob mentality, i.e., how easy it is when within a highly emotionally charged group to fall under the influence of whatever is stirring the mind and sympathetic nervous system (reptilian brain, as it were) that triggers “fight or flight” responses.

Perhaps a way to comprehend this comes from the complete opposite kind of emotion that stirs group response: think of how when everyone starts laughing at something and how infectious that is–even if the source of the humor is unknown to most. There are funny YouTube videos of this phenomenon. Come to think of it, maybe watching a few of those will help dissipate the dark turn of emotion if just for a bit of comic relief. Here is just one good example of this: Enjoy.

But, of course, back to the dark side, the operators behind this kind of insidious psy op in the current world of viral protesting, aka, violent rioting, understand the phenomenon exquisitely well and they know also how to exploit it to their advantage.

THIS is another aspect of what we must resist while continuing to right REAL wrongs lest the entire world fall victim to the REAL masterminds of evil and to the underlying mastermind of evil, himself, as in the father of all rage, violence, and destruction–one believers know as Satan, he of a thousand faces, manifestations and machinations–before it’s too late.

However, all that said, as believers also know, the end game has been prophesied in many places in the Bible and, ultimately, good does triumph over evil, although, unfortunately, many will be sucked into the maelstrom before then.

Carry on.


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2 Responses to Addendum to Part 7–On the State of Political Rage (Assassination Signaling)

  1. Carl Gordon says:

    Oops I intended to say ugh to using media to incite, etc. but I think you got my drift, even though drifting I was…


  2. Carl Gordon says:

    Using media to counter the incitement to unbalanced rage and murder. Ugh. Recently a young woman was convicted of using text messages to incite her “friend” to commit suicide. There is no difference here. She was arrested and convicted, similarly this traitorous trend needs to be arrested.


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