• Prophecy charts (Claire Gumbs)
  • “Text Tracts” for distribution as witnessing tools (Claire Gumbs)
  • UPDATE MAY 2019: on this “page” you will find introductions to each of the charts featured below that may help with your reading interest. The charts are also linked on these introductory pages as well as down below.


This section features downloadable charts covering several prophetic themes:

  1. The significance of the historical and prophetic pattern of 1948 years, 70 years, and the number 14.
  2. The historical and prophetic significance of the Moedim, or appointed times of the Lord.
  3. The historical and prophetic significance of Jesus as Son of God and Son of Man.
  4. The Biblical teachings and evidences of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and why this is an important event for all believers as end-of-the-Church-age events unfold.
  5. The Scriptural model of “three, then four” in creation, dreams, prophecy, and time (specifically, as revealed in the time pattern called the “Metonic Cycle”).
  6. How the days in which we now live can be considered significant in the fulfillment of end-of-the-Church-age prophecies with regard to the numbers 4, 14, and 19.
  7. Signs that signal the end of the age; the alpha and omega from a Hebrew point of view revealing the Messiah. Jesus.
  8. On the convergence of end times: the Metonic cycle, the shortness of time, and Jesus’ peace.
  9. More on the number 19, and addressing the time factor of prophecy, i.e., the beginning, the split, and the convergence. (New, 10/19).

The charts have been designed as teaching tools/supplemental resources.  The reader is still advised to do his or her own homework with the references provided. Click on the links, below, for each prophecy pattern chart that can be then copied back-to-back to create tri-folds. Click on the “parts” (1-7) for the introductions, too.

INTROS:                     CHARTS

Part 1:                        Time 2 updated Aug 2019

Part 2:                           Moedim

Part 3:                           Son of Man 

Part 4:                           Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Addendum to 4

Part 5:                           Model of Three then Four

Part 6:                           Fullness of Time

Part 7:                           Signals

Part 8:                           67-to-june-7-1967

Part 9:                          Dividing Time


Simple “tracts” designed to look like cell phones. Simply download, fold, cut, and share. Perfect for personal use or group projects. See story behind their creation, here:

iPhone_tract 1


*All products are CC-BY-ND which means you can download them and use them free, as long as they are not altered or edited in any way.


  1. Yvonne Meek says:

    Thank you for sharing this valuable resource and tool!


    • pnissila says:

      Yvonne, You are welcome! I will be adding the rest of them as blog posts within the next few weeks. The entire set of seven can be accessed now from the page but with very limited comments.

      As one of my brothers, an engineer, puts it, Claire’s brief, to the point illustrations are like “2,000 lb cubes,” that is, a lot of backstory and intense research has gone into each one that needs, we think, some introduction.

      (Later: I just realized it was the page I linked that you commented on! lol. At any rate, the more references, the better. :))

      Blessing and cheer,


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