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Linking AOC’s “Green New Deal” with Fascism is not Hyperbole

Here is another look at the origins of the modern “green” movement from Mark Musser’s article, “The Green New Fascist Deal,” featured in American Thinker, 2/17/19, that reveals its link to Nazi Germany.  Re-printed with permission. The Green New Fascist … Continue reading

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Curious about “Intersectionality”? America Devolving Into Socialism? American Thinker Article Explains and Encourages

Phyllis Beveridge It seems that every day there’s some new hip, slick, cool term that has a hard left political vibe to it because the people with all the letters after their names and/or who are enjoying social media political … Continue reading

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“On Valentines and Kindness,” A Second Helping–and Never Enough

Phyllis Beveridge Originally posted 2/13/13 On Valentines and Kindness The story a local resident told in his letter to the editor went something like this: I went to the window of my office to stretch a bit and watch the … Continue reading

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Post Script: on the Childbirth/End Times Prophecy Analogy–Are We Due?

Phyllis Beveridge If there were a post script for my series on the childbirth analogy Jesus used to help explain  prophetic events of the end times, I would put it like this: once the baby has emerged into his or … Continue reading

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RE: “Lone Dem Senator Blocks Bill Banning Infanticide…” –Who are the Next Undesirables?

Phyllis Beveridge Like all compassionate Americans (of all political stripes) who believe pre-born babies deserve to have their lives protected, I was shocked over Monday’s news (2/4/19) that due to a vote from one Democrat Senator, Patty Murray (WA), there … Continue reading

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On Valentines: the Ordinary–Extraordinary–and Forever

Phyllis Beveridge On Ordinary Valentines The stores are full of Valentine’s Day cards just now, cards for every kind of “valentine”: husbands, wives, sweethearts, grandparents, children, friends. I even saw some for pet owners “from your cat,” and “from your … Continue reading

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On the “High Art” of Our Personal “Hero’s Quest” in Christ

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila The “High Art” of Our “Personal Hero’s Quest in Christ?” The discussion in my class last night on the general theme of “Christianity and Literature: Truth and Story” (class #4–“The Hard Work of Having a Hero: Models … Continue reading

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