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What Job Knew (And It’s Good News–No, Really!)

Phyllis Nissila FIRST, THE REALLY BAD AWFUL NEWS At first glance the Old Testament book of Job is not well received and for good reasons. Here is a man, a righteous man (even God thinks so–see chapter 1 verse 8), … Continue reading

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On Beauties, Beasts, and Abigail

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila This post was inspired in part by an essay on the fairy taleĀ “Beauty and the Beast” and in part by my ongoing concern and encouragement for women in abusive or potentially abusive relationships whether secular or in … Continue reading

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On Valentines and Kindness

Phyllis Nissila The story a local resident told in his letter to the editor went something like this: I went to the window of my office to stretch a bit and watch the goings-on in the street below. It was … Continue reading

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On Sacrificing Dreams and “The Dark Night of the Soul” (Commentary/Devotional)

Phyllis Nissila Note: this has a really good ending. I heard a radio preacher say that God sometimes (or was it all the time?) calls on us to die to our dreams, our gifts, our talents. It is a thought … Continue reading

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On Blossoms, Birdsong, and Hope

Phyllis Nissila As I walked by, a spring gust shook loose a cluster of blossoms from a cherry tree. I stopped and lifted my head and hands to the pink profusion. I felt suddenly as light- and joy-filled as a … Continue reading

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