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Is 1984 Becoming a Reality? – George Orwell’s Warning to the World

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Is the Proof in the Patents? See What You Think (Guest Video)

A Manufactured Illusion: Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich


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On Wielding the Power of Restraint in a Time of War

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

(Understand) this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger. (James 1:19) and

Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city. (Proverbs 16:32) because

He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not will be victorious. (Sun Tzu)

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UK Funeral Director Speaks Out re: 19 and Inocs. Guest Video

Please operate your freedom of choice with prayer and care, and be empowered with knowledge.-pbn

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Yes, We CAN Take the Truth. We Must. Here’s More and A Critical Call to Action

If you have or have not taken the shots advertised for the latest flu virus, the following excerpt from one of the best compilations of the truth of what has been going on regarding all aspects of the above is a must see.

It features two groups of people who are being targeted for trouble: the vax’d and the unvax’d.

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Creating Food Shortage? See What You Think


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Phew! Just in Time! A New Definition of “Vaccine”! Guest Feature

CDC Quietly Changes Definition Of ‘Vaccine’ As COVID-19 Continues To Infect Vaccinated People

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Brave Nurse Blows the Whistle

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A Few Words From an AUSSIE! And What That Country is Going Through (from Another Source)

Qantas Pilot Speaks Out About Vaccine Mandate


Side Note: it is, of course, quite apparent now that the battle we are engaged in is being faught around the world, one by one, group by group, nation by nation, a global, awakened–and awakening– “sleeping giant“.

I intend to feature courageous testimonials such as this and the ones prior on a regular basis, because we all need encouragement.

Isolation is one of the most potent psychological operations, so the more we realize We Are Not Alone, the more it stirs up courage and strength.

Not to mention a wealth of knowledge.


Words from Another Real American, PART 4: Lara Logan on Afghanistan




To Get a Better Sense of What Australian Citizens and  Foreigners “Stuck” There are Going Through, Read This:

“… my daughter is in Australia and they’re trying to force her to take the jab because she works in a hospital. It is so intense in Australia! The doctor McKayla works for had to close down her surgeries, so she’s been looking for another job. She has a $2600 a month mortgage and they have to get the vaxx even to work in a grocery store stocking shelves! They can’t leave Sydney! No airplanes in & no airplanes out. They can’t even drive their car more than 2 miles from their home without police officers checking where they’re going and if they’re not going to a doctors office, or something essential, they get huge fines or thrown in jail! If she gets fired she doesn’t get unemployment, if she quits she doesn’t get unemployment -that’s how they have them all trapped.
She’s called all the people that she knows that are in the healthcare field to try and pull some strings and she’s called all the doctors to try and get proof of CV antibodies that she’s already acquired and they won’t do those tests in Sydney! All the doctors hands are tied. It’s not a possibility to go to the US Embassy because even they cannot fly anyone out of Australia back to the US! She wouldn’t leave her Aussie husband behind if she got safe haven at the embassy anyway. She said the only thing open is fast food and grocery stores and they are starting to make people show that they’ve had the vaxx to even be able to purchase food. She said Sydney is like a ghost town! People that were traveling out of Australia, before everything hit the fan, haven’t been able to come back to their own country and homes for over 11 months! A few weeks ago she said she’d rather die than have to live like they’re living in Sydney with no freedoms, no travel, no conversations with people. She just kept refusing refusing refusing the shot for the past six months and now it’s down to the end. If she doesn’t take the jab immediately there will be no place to work, no money would be coming in, and they can no longer even get medical treatment unless they are vaxxxed! The tyrants of their government have got the people in this horrible stranglehold! They don’t have Constitutional freedom like the US. Their population is defenseless” continue at source...

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Whatever Happened to “First Do No Harm”? (Guest Exposé), Bonus Video: AMA Teaches Propaganda

So all the hype, fear, angst, propaganda, hate, hubris, and monied interests have come to this?

What’s next?–PBN

Guest Exposé:

As a doctor, here’s my message to anyone who thinks it’s OK to deny medical treatment to those unvaccinated against Covid

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