Archbishop Vigano Responds to SCOTUS Roe/Wade Decision, 2 Comments, and Resources for Crisis Pregnancies



1. Colin Markham, June 30, 2022

Colin blogs at Fellowship of St. Peter, and is featured in this series.

When the sanctity of life is reduced to utilitarianism, when abortion is carried out behind the cloak of ‘privacy’ and the rights of a woman over her body, we know that mankind has declined into a grievous state. A woman has no right to kill. No human being has a right to kill, except in self-defence. And when we consider the God-given spirit of womanhood to carry and nurture life, we realise how degraded and debased the noble state of man has become, the corruption of what it means to be a human being created in the image of God, the unique status of humanity in the great scheme of creation.


Those who deny these principles have lost all sense of propriety, all moral perspective. They have moved into the sphere of the evil one, the place where the seeds of conflict and death are ripened into political and cultural realities that poison whole generations, the antithesis of peace which is a gift of God and the true state of man.


The meaning of life, death and the universe is not the prerogative of man but founded on the ordinances of God the Creator whose power is infinite and of cosmic proportions. When man attempts to usurp the place of God he condemns himself to damnation. The ultimate sin is to deny God. The ultimate crime is to murder a fellow human being, to obliterate that which God has deemed good and necessary to tend the garden of nature and to advance mankind in the most benign and judicious manner. These high ideals are lost in a wilful act of evil when a foetus is excised from a woman’s body, when a potential genius is denied the right to be born, to mature and to flourish in this beautiful world.


2. To the pro-abortion people–you are overplaying your hand (not that I want to help the cause).

By leaking the SCOTUS decision ahead of time and gathering your cohorts with ill intent to disrupt and try to intimidate the Justices as much as you possibly could, you actually achieved the opposite: affirming just how violent–not to mention assassination-minded and arguably un-American–you are, which likely gathered millions more to the side of Constitutional conservatism.

But when anybody blindly and with rage narrows his/her mind to only what politicians and the corporate media tell them to think about this literal life-and-death issue, and any other of like harm, they lose the ability to reason.

But…”Choice!” pro-aborts scream…

In the realest of senses, you might say that this abortion war does amount to choice–with “choicers” on one side who can decide the fate of the others, and on the other side, “n0-choicers,” that is, those who can’t say “I want to live” while getting no help to save themselves from a death that is, in many cases,  unspeakably barbaric.

Call the growing person in a pregnant woman’s body what you will, but in reality, there are two bodies at stake here, and as in any war, one wins, the other loses–but in this case, the cards have already been stacked against the baby, if the “choicer” decides it will be death for the little one.

And it has to be said: abortion providers get paid and politicians get re-elected by those who will not hear all sides of the debate–or who are kept from hearing by relentless propaganda to change the subject and little access to often-censored opposition.

You also lose the support of thinking, compassionate people who are not only concerned about your plight if you are currently in a crisis pregnancy, and who can offer many forms of help (see below), but they are also concerned about the plight of the most innocent and vulnerable among us. And they see and hear you now with new eyes and ears, the battle raging ever more intensely.

But note also: as history indicates regarding other such life-and-death issues, when one day “they” come for you because you are interrupting their plans, or because you are inconveniencing them in some way (“useless eaters” someone once called the victims), then you will understand how dangerous it is to go along with those who are using you to achieve their political,  eugenics, and financial agendas today. 

Please, don’t be that person.

And, please, get the help you may need to have a successful outcome for yourself and the little one you are carrying.

Your–and your baby’s life–matter immeasurably.

And if you seek Him, God will forgive, heal, and restore you. 

Below are two especially good resources should you be in a crisis pregnancy. – pbn

Need Help?



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