Guest Feature: “How to Return the Church to God & Reverse Its Wokery…” – Calvin Robinson

The bad seeds of the erroneous Critical Race Theory are rooting overseas. Here is an excellent overview of the situation in the U.K. presented by a brother in Christ from England, recently “sacked” from the opportunity to become a priest in the Church of England due to his conservative (read: classic Christian) views.

Although his visible denomination is unique to his country, his position in the Body of Christ–the real church–is the same as anyone who enters into a relationship with Jesus Christ no matter the race, creed, tongue or geographical locale.*

Robinson’s presentation with a few Q&As at the end is only 30 minutes long, but the truth of the Truth–and the incredibly confusing, often self-contradictory, and anti-Christian as well as anti-White, errors of CRT–as well as how to counter it in the Body of Christ–is timeless.

Be encouraged.

My thanks to “follower” Colin Markham from Kent, England for sharing this. – pbn


*ABCs of Salvation

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