God is in the Details–They Also Serve Who Mine the Data. Guest feature: Interview with Digital Warrior Seth Keshel

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

God is in the Details

There’s an old English expression: “The Devil is in the details.”

It also goes, conversely, like this: “God is in the details.”

I choose God.

As a believer, my observation is based on the the fact that the Devil is a created being but God is the Creator, so who’s smarter?

I also choose God because it’s easy to conclude that if the Devil (or you pick your own evil entity), whose objectives are to steal, kill, and destroy, gains foothold in people, especially people who lust for power, one is hard pressed to remember a time now or ever when evil’s minions suddenly decide they’ve stolen enough stuff, killed enough people, and destroyed enough property.

“Go back to normal, folks,” they would say, if they did, ever. “We’ve raped, pillaged, and burned enough, now. We got everything we want.”

Know what I mean?

There is just something about those who succumb to greed, megalomania, and stomping on anything or anyone who steps in their way, that, if not stopped by some greater force, evolve into even worse bloodthirsty, power-mad entities–often, all dressed up and sporting flashy smiles and well-honed psychological tricks (the better to fool the masses).

Of course, if all that doesn’t seem to work as well as desired because, well, as somebody once said, “You can fool fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time,” evil’s posse goes in for chaos, lawlessness, and whatever else works.

However, even though evil at some point begins to work very quickly, usually after a long season of plotting, planning and political positioning, their opposition can work fast, too.

Only–and this goes back to my choice of expressions–the forces of good gain ground in triplicate: in knowledge, wisdom, and strength, if they have a mind to, bolstered by moral fortitude–and whatever other ordnance is required.

But especially wisdom which, when coupled with knowledge (mental, physical, spiritual, and psychological), emboldened with courage, and empowered by prayer, becomes an exponential force-multiplier.

One by one, soon by two’s, three’s–then millions–the truth regiment begins drilling down to the foundations, formulations, and facts of the stealing, killing, and destroying, which is where they find the gold.

And the critical details begin coming out of hiding–and censorship.

For example:

A Digital Warrior (They Also Serve Who Mine the Data)

One component of this triumvirate of power comes from all those tiny little details that tell the story by story-tellers who study them.

Very, very carefully.

In this case, and to my guest feature today, the truth-tellers are those patient, diligent, digital analysists who generally work unsung at their desks day after day, honing their skills, biding their time, connecting the data points.

Until opportunity arises.

Some, then, call on courage to show what you can find when you lift the cover of darkness and shed some (statistical) light.

The interview featured below highlights the talented work of one such digital warrior, Seth Keshel. Here is more information on his background and skill set.

The interview reveals some of what he has discovered so far that render the recent election counts highly irregular, to say the least.

Of course, whether or not now or later is the time this kind of work, added to the careful analytical work others have done in their areas of expertise, wins the current war or if it is just one more successful battle in the larger skirmish, we’ve yet to know.

But the point is, we know.

And we will not un-know.

And through my believer’s lens, I would add that our real leader, as in our Creator, not only has more smarts than His created–that one who broke bad at the get-go–He also has all the time needed, as in, “in the beginning,” He created time, too.

To the interview:

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