Musical Interlude: A Bit of Lyrical Prescience from 1985

Rummaging through artifacts of my teaching career, I found a C.D. of this 1980’s Don Henley tune “Dirty Laundry” from a project put together  by a group of my A.P. Lit students in about 2008. Topic: yellow journalism.

(One is tempted to wonder if they teach the difference between yellow journalism and real news, anymore, in J school.)


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3 Responses to Musical Interlude: A Bit of Lyrical Prescience from 1985

  1. Laura C Rankin says:

    Ahhh, what a timely song to share. What’s old is news again, that’s for sure. Your students did a great job. I’ve thought so much about “yellow journalism” during the past few years. What we learned about it made is seem tame compared to what goes on today. Thank so much for this…


  2. Andy Beveridge says:

    I love that song.

    The people I worked with it kmtr and kval didn’t seem to appreciate its subtle irony.


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