On Opportunity, 1: “Doors” (New Series)

Phyllis Nissila

Prompted by a recent experience referenced below, today I begin a new series on the theme of opportunity. May you be encouraged.

A colleague in the encouragement trade and I recently came to a kind of relationship closure. She is also a believer and so, of course, one day our paths will realign.

You might say what transpired was a simple case of seeing the same situation through different lenses. Perhaps some other human dynamic was at play.

At any rate, having done what I could to explain my view, I stood my ground in my way. Having done what she could to explain her view, she stood her ground in her way. Then, from a familiar place within my spirit, I perceived a familiar, gentle “click.” Door closed.

“Okay,” I whispered to Him Who listens. “Where to, now?”…

hallway with doorsDOORS

In the metaphor within which I perceive opportunities, there is a plain narrow hallway stretching to eternity pocketed with numerous doors on both sides. Some doors are fancy, some plain. Some are of ordinary width and height, some are expansive. To me, each door represents another possibility, chance, option.

A few of those “opportunity doors” have been opened for me. Some opened with a little effort on my part. A few took a firm shove. Still others, no matter how much I tried to open them, remained closed. Tight. I came to understand those were not meant for me.

Move on.

Another lesson learned has been that some doors of opportunity remain open, and others close after a period of time. No amount of banging, pounding, pleading, or insisting will change that.

It took me some years to let loose my grip on some of those doorknobs, however,  and to realize, when I had my fill of me, there was another door waiting.

And a patient Guide.

And so, this recent opportunity having now closed and my (earthly) associate and I having gone each our own way, I turn once again to my Divine Associate.

“Which door next?” I ask. (For I have also learned to ask, first. It saves on scraped knuckles and damaged veneer.)

“How about a series on ‘opportunity,’” He seems to say. “You know, on that hallway of endless options ‘behind closed doors’ you always talk about.”


(And once again, the sound of wood turning on hinges, opening…

to what roomful of stories?

to what new depths of understanding? )

I can hardly wait to explore.

Join me?


Photo from the public domain.

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