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Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones–But Words Will Crush My Spirit

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila My sister Claire wrote up the following anecdote about an event she witnessed in a recent intercessory prayer session at her church. It was Sunday evening and time for the prayer warriors to gather and pray. You … Continue reading

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The Face–and Soul–of Abuse

Cindy Burrell at http://www.hurtbylove.com/the-face-of-abuse/#respond has linked the video that I have re-posted below. Her blog post is titled: “The Face of Abuse.” Her site and her ministry provide much help to people “on the other side” of videos such as … Continue reading

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Is It “The Silent Treatment” or Emotional Survival? Part 1

Click here for all posts in this series. Some time ago, a friend of mine left a verbally abusive marriage. She knows I sometimes write on women’s issues, although my commentaries are church focused. But because verbal abuse occurs in … Continue reading

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