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(Part 2) “The Danger of E Unum Pluribus…”–Watch Out for the Words Phyllis Beveridge Nissila Series Introduction (Part 1)     Part 3 The introduction to this series, linked above, focuses on a political ideology called Intersectionality that, I fear, has … Continue reading

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On Intersectionality and “The Code”: Did AOC “Switch” or Pander Using the “Plain Folks” Fallacy?

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila In the last year or so I’ve occasionally heard the comeback “Learn to code” in the context of advice given to millennials regarding how to get on in the social and/or political world. At first I thought … Continue reading

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Mind Control, Part 1: On REAL “Russian Interference”–A 1983 Explanation by Former KGB Operative Yuri Bezmenov Citing Sun-tzu Strategies

I had a conversation recently with someone I had not seen in many years. We briefly discussed politics, the rage of the far left, in particular. She made a comment about “disliking the propaganda” in a way that made me … Continue reading

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