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“Be Still and Know that I Am God”: A “Closer Read” of the Contemplatives’ “Poster Verse”

Phyllis Nissila THE POSTER VERSE It has been said that Psalm 46:10, that is to say the first half of it, is the poster verse of contemplative prayer advocates. The portion reads, “Be still, and know that I am God … Continue reading

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What in the World is Going on in Church?! How to figure out what’s”emerging,” what you can do, and a story that might sound familiar

  Phyllis Nissila A CHURCH ODYSSEY Can you relate to our story? Several years ago my sister and I began what we now call our “church odyssey.” The Protestant church we had been attending for about twenty-five years in its … Continue reading

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Are Emergents Just Rockin’ The Rock of Ages, or Are They Presenting Another Gospel? A Teacher Takes a Look

Phyllis Nissila (NOTE: This entry is the result of several years’ worth of research and experiences with the various manifestations of the so-called Emergent, or Emerging, Church in my area alone. This phenomenon is taking place in nearly every nook, … Continue reading

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