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Beware the Power of Thought-Shaping, Action-Triggering Words (an Important Reminder for 2020)

I am reminded today of a previous post from 2018 on the power of words as sources of both inspiration and instigation, both for good and for ill. 

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On Resisting the Oppression that Darkens the Political Landscape

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila …remain in the love of the Lord… …and in the shelter of His wings… Have you ever noticed that when oppression seeps in, colors fade, turn ominous? For example, have you seen color photographs of

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(Part 2) “The Danger of E Unum Pluribus…”–Watch Out for the Words Phyllis Beveridge Nissila Series Introduction (Part 1)     Part 3 The introduction to this series, linked above, focuses on a political ideology called Intersectionality that, I fear, has … Continue reading

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When Words Become Crimes: A Novel Idea on the Hidden Danger of PC-Speak

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila A NOVEL FOR THEN, NOW, AND ALWAYS Then A literary gem that stays on my top shelf of go-to’s for both inspiration and insight–as well as grins–is a delightful little novel by Mark Dunn called Ella Minnow … Continue reading

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