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By Grace Efficacious (Or How the Meek Inherit the Earth)

Phyllis Nissila HUMBLE POWER “Every success becomes the force of timid people,” wrote my Chinese student on the topic of self-efficacy, that is, a “person’s estimate or personal judgment of his or her own ability to succeed in reaching a…goal” … Continue reading

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Good Friday Justice (Devotional)

Phyllis Nissila Here is a story I heard about two famous evangelists. At the outset of his ministry, evangelist B worked for evangelist A. At one point, evangelist B violated company policy regarding a serious issue; however, evangelist A agonized … Continue reading

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A Cloud of Witnesses (Devotional)

Phyllis Nissila I was pressed with worry and unfinished business. I sat in my chair praying for comfort and clarity. As the mind’s eye perceives, I suddenly “saw” myself in the same chair but now in an open, airy space … Continue reading

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The Watch

Phyllis Nissila (But even before Mary Magdalene and the disciples came to the garden that first Easter, there were others…) The gore of Golgotha over, most of the onlookers have long since dispersed, some into hiding. The man from Arimathea … Continue reading

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