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On The Bad Fruit of the Extra-Biblical Patriarchy/Complementariansim (EPC) Movement

Phyllis Nissila (updated 7/17) In a previous post I commented on the “cold threats,” or implied threats, that are the logical result when one part of the Body of Christ works to establish and maintain extra-biblical rights over another part, … Continue reading

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A New Family: help and hope for Barbara, help and hope for the spiritually abused

Phyllis Nissila Some years ago I worked for a minister and Christian apologist who counseled people out of cults and the occult. In those days, the early eighties, the groups were outside the church. Now, they are to be found … Continue reading

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The Investigation: diffusing danger on a plane and in the church

Phyllis Nissila THE SITUATION As soon as I noticed “Mr. X” sitting in “our” waiting area of the airport terminal I got a funny feeling. Was he up to no good? He appeared to be of a certain age; he … Continue reading

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