Strength in the Day of Antichrist, Part 1: “Strength in Weakness” (Guest Feature)

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

My friend and I were discussing how to proceed as followers of Jesus Christ in this day and age that, even in the so-called “free West,” reveals more and more anti-Christian sentiment.

Our focus was how to be strong in an increasingly menacing world for believers who refuse to bow to the spirit of Antichrist in today’s particular manifestations.

The Spirit of Antichrist? Today?

But isn’t the Antichrist yet to arrive on the scene, in or about chapter 13 in the book of Revelation?

Actually, he’s already here, that is to say his spirit is already here, motivating and deluding people. As Gospel writer John put it: Continue reading

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Once upon a time…

…there were some people who wanted to live for ever.

They tried this way and that, that way and this.

They looked far, they looked wide,

they looked close, they looked in.

And what do you think they came up with?

The soft ware of life, they said,

let’s begin.


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On Year Zero, God’s Dust, and Groundhog Day

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

In a way, the Cancel Culture Crowd is right: when you want your ideology, politics, interpretation of history, and influence to reign supreme, and you want perfect compliance, you’d better cancel others’, deconstructing them on the way.

This is not a new concept, however, as historians tell us. It’s been quite popular among totalitarian regimes.

The idea used to be known as establishing Year Zero (as the starting point of a new regime). So I suppose today’s followers should really be called “Year Zero Crowd” based on that politically-inspired “Year Zero” notion.


Continue reading

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Why the Stones Will Praise

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

Why the Stones Will Praise

I say to you, that, if these shall be silent, the stones will cry out!

Though comes a morning undefined,

pale of sun and dull of shine,

what soars and flows seems moth and mud,

broken wing and brackish flood,

in the day of rock and rime;


though comes a noon of restless mobs, Continue reading

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GUEST ARTICLE: “Now What?” and GUEST VIDEO: “Why?” For This Time in America and in Prophecy

Two features that came to my “inbox” today from fellow blogger Dee Chadwell who writes at and Pastor J.D. Farag’s weekly Prophecy Update pair perfectly, in my view, as representative of two sides of the same coin: the changes in both the secular and spiritual worlds and how a believer is to now live with respect to both.

They are also representative of my own personal direction for this blog. Continue reading

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What? Cancelling Dr. Seuss?

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila


I just read that the works of “Dr. Seuss” (Theodore Geisel, 1904-1991) are among the latest cultural specimens to come under the woke-roscope (to offer a Seussian kind of word) in the cancel culture lab.

Geisel was the author of many delightful children’s books that informed and entertained “big kids,” too. Read Across America Day,  March 2, has been held for twenty years on the anniversary of his birthday.

To the cancel crowd: the cat’s been out of the bag, er, the hat, for too long, however, at this point, to erase the life-long lessons learned and humor enjoyed via his clever craft by millions of people around the world in their nooks and crannies–all those moms and dads and gramps and grannies (as he might put it) and their little ones. Continue reading

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How Long Division Helped Relieve “COVID-19 Fatigue” and Clear Some Gloom

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila and Greg Beveridge

UPDATE 2/26/21 Where the essay has an embedded “three dots to the left” (if your view does) of the text underneath “The Long Division” section, click on the dots for the full text which explains the analysis quoted. I was just alerted to this change not of my doing. 


My brother Greg and I were discussing the recent landmark number of deaths in the United States due to COVID-19: 500,000.

Tragic, each one.

And add to that another several hundred-thousand people still grieving the loss of their loved ones and in need of our comfort, prayers, and support.

Not to mention WOWZA! ONE-HALF MILLION DEATHS is a frightening number! Continue reading

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A Visit to Rye (not far from Sandwich)–Guest Feature

Fellow blogger Colin Markham, from the U.K., offers another tour of his neck of the global woods, this time not far from where he “toured us” a few days ago (Sandwich). Enjoy and be refreshed. Check out Colin’s other features here.-PBN

A visit to Rye

Rye, England

The ancient hill town of Rye in East Sussex (pop. 9,041) is a delightful place to visit. A little to the north of the town is a line of low hills, but the predominant feature of the landscape is its vast flatness, stretching east for many miles across the Romney Marsh, to the west towards Winchelsea, a hill village three miles away. There are similarities between Rye and Sandwich in Kent.  Both towns are small, compact and full of interest and both are close to the sea, Rye on the estuary of the Rother, Sandwich a little farther inland on the Stour.  Sandwich is at sea level, whereas Rye makes a statement from afar, a cluster of buildings grouped round the hilltop church, a welcome relief from the bleak windswept marsh, a place to aim for with the prospect of refreshment and homely warmth within its time-honoured walls. Continue reading

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Guest Feature from CFFS: “Share This Action in Tennessee re: Bill outlawing Businesses from Requiring Masks, Test, Vaccines”

Please share this press release with local newspapers, media and journalists. Encourage everyone to join Citizens for Free Speech to learn how to fight back. 

Patrick Wood
Executive Director

For Immediate Release

CFFS Backs Tennessee Bill Outlawing Businesses from Requiring Masks, Tests, Vaccines

Continue reading

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Why Aren’t the Rioters Satisfied? (featuring the “equity vs equality” debate and warnings from the past)

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

The Sore–Winners?

Wait, what?

They’re not satisfied?

But isn’t theirs the political party now in complete control of all branches of the government in the United States yet they’re still rioting–not to mention that recently, due to an unusual winter storm in Seattle, they even piled up snow in front of police stations in order to block police vehicles responding to emergencies?

I mean, as of yet, America has heard almost no appreciation from them for their recent electoral victory, as in, “Thank you, voters!” or “Okay, we have achieved our objective! Now we can get back to normal.”

As of yet, there has been virtually no national celebration for an election won–only more agitation, not only in deed but also in word. Indeed, here are a couple of perspectives that seem to be prominent:

Kamala Harris about riots: “They’re not gonna stop. And they should not.” ( (Which reminds me of Maya Angelou’s advice and warning: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”)

For Portland Rioters, Biden Isn’t Enough. They Want ‘Death To America’ (

So, why must they continue to destroy?

Well, there is the old maxim, “Misery loves company.”

Or perhaps with the fast and furious efforts going on in the mainstream media to get rid of  opposing viewpoints, the rioters simply don’t have all the information with which to make the most well-informed decisions so they can at least calm down and enjoy the victory–or change their minds and opt for a more peaceful, reasonable path forward.

Or there might be another reason, a bigger agenda,  that may have to do with the rally cries around one of the newer ideological spins that is daily adding fuel to the literal and figurative riots on the streets, in halls of power, classrooms, minds, and emotions: the “equity versus equality” debate (see below for the explanation). Continue reading

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