More on The Jesus Movement and Other Revivals (see last post) Guest Feature: Greg Laurie Interviews Chuck Smith (when and where the JM began)

The Jesus Movement of the 1960s-70s, aka the “Jesus Revolution,” like all such spiritual movements big and small, public and personal, arose/arises from the heart of God for each generation of hungry hearts for Him.

I pray that all of us who came to Christ or to a renewal in Christ back then will have “stayed the course,” a directive given to Pastor Chuck Smith, one of its leaders, from one of his mentors, just as I pray that all those in the first phase of the current “Asbury Revival” (also featured in the previous post) will stay the course today. 

And if we slide back for a season (temptations of the world, the flesh, and the devil being as potent at they can be), I pray we come back home.


And “despise not small beginnings,” as the prophet Zechariah put it way back when.

For every movement, revolution, and/or revival is always one-on-one no matter how big it gets or how small it remains for a season; no matter what cathedral,  open-air crusade–or prayer closet–in which it might begin.

Or perhaps such a phenomenon might even take root in some little country church on the edge of some town.

Remember the tune linked below?

Good times.

Better times ahead.

And looking around at the condition of the world in such a time as this, a Holy Spirit inspired break-out, public or private, new or anew, would be JUST in time!


*For a good summary of why and how to respond to–or back to–God’s call, here’s a good summary: ABCs of Salvation

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