Feral Human Mistakes Vegetable Bin for Litter Box?

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

RE: https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1614682575293018112 Alternate headline: Feral human mistakes vegetable bin for litter box?

But sadly and seriously: this is what happens when lawlessness is allowed and encouraged; when godlessness reigns.

When critical thinking lessons are tossed out in classrooms run by wokeaholics and certain TikTok addicts whose brains are awash in New Think.

When “anything goes” theses become feces.

When someone, psyop’d by any or all of the above, truly believed she was just getting her trans-animal on, there in the produce department…

Or maybe booster number five has begun to degrade her prefrontal cortex…

But to the much bigger issue: maybe in this “bottom up, top down, inside out” intellectually and spiritually rotting world we are witnessing another “Roman’s 1:22 moment”, i.e., “claiming to be wise they became fools”–not this confused woman (she’s may be just a sad consequence of the foolishness), but those who engineer it to influence and ultimately gin up destruction in order to make a world of their own where their brand of “civilization” is not to free but to enslave the unwitting.

She, on the other hand, needs prayers and professional help.

The world at large needs the power of truth and of Truth to continue to resist the stealing, killing, and destroying.

Good will ultimately conquer evil, as the history of such confrontations reveals, but let’s hope not too many “human consequences” are left to rot in the bins, so to speak, in the interim.


For how (and why) to avoid the consequences–both unintended and intended, temporal and eternal–of the evil side of the war of good versus evil, consider:

ABCs of Salvation

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