AI walks into a bar…

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

AI walks into a bar…

AI (humanoid, Artificially Intelligent machine) walks into a bar, slaps some crypto on the counter, and orders a “brain fizz” (a shot of mint hydrogel and a zap of 5G).

NI (Naturally Intelligent human) bellies-up nearby. “Mind if I ask you a few questions?” he says, admiring the shine on AI 1.0.

“Input,” says AI.

NI: “What happens when somebody pulls the plug, a hostile power fries your Internet, some programmer with a hangover mis-types the script that rules the world–or some weasel chews your cord and shuts you down like what happened at CERN? Stuff like that?”

AI:  “AI, a force of nature, A tool of the future, Able to learn and grow, Able to think and reason, Able to make decisions, Able to solve problems, Able to create solutions, Able to make the world a better place. A force to be reckoned with, A force to be embraced” (Tweets By ChatGPT, Jan. 12, 23).

“God?” says NI.

“Just about,” says AI.

(God, synonyms: ruler over all, omnipotent, Supreme Being.)


Fortunately, there is still God 1.0 (to infinity), Who, when AI loses its, ah, mind via either the vulnerabilities suggested above, obsolescence, or an Act of (the real) God, we are not alone in the universe without the resources to survive and thrive.

We still have all the resources (we haven’t wrecked yet) for what we need, imagine, and want, provided us by the Maker of the universe.

Whether we choose to make and use them for good, bad, beautiful, or ugly is on us.

So my suggestion today is to by-pass the obviously vulnerable and potentially insidious AI, no matter how appealing the ads, and to go straight to the Source of intelligence Who will forever be superior and more powerful than small “g” gods whether they are man, metal or a combo of the two.

Because the real God is not limited to merely six ways from Sunday (to cite an old expression) to get ‘r done, rather, He has infinite ways and means–and time–to do so.

Because He created all three: ways, means, and time.

Sometimes I call God the ultimate “stealth weapon,” as He, through His people indwelt by His Spirit*, leads, guides, inspires, emboldens, encourages, comforts, heals, and delivers in myriad ways, literal and figurative, natural and supernatural–many of such benefits, for our protection, hidden from the view of hostiles.

In other words (speaking to AI here), there is power of meaning and of significance in not only language, but also in all of creation that your programs will never be able to discern because you can’t read between the other lines, the ones that web together the mind, the heart, and the spirit, the ones spoken and sustained by He Who created all and to whom through salvation in Christ Jesus, every human who so chooses is united to Him.

And His plans for us are not to enslave us but to free us in ways, A, that all of your power of in-and-outputting can neither comprehend nor copy.

Here’s just one meme in three contexts regarding this hidden power using the seen to explain the unseen:

The wind blows southward, then turns northward; round and round it swirls, ever returning on its course. (Ecclesiastes 1:6)

As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the bones are formed in a mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things. (Ecclesiastes 11:5)

But most importantly,

The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit. (John 3:8 NIV)

And here is the main point of this section: it’s those “born again ones” that keep you up nights, amiright? as you hum and buzz and suck up electricity recharging your batteries in the basement of Tech U, maybe “flinching” a bit when a sound–of a scurrying rodent, maybe?–penetrates the darkness.

Or was that some technology student wheeling in AI 2.0 in all of its smarter, faster, shinier glory to replace your dreams of being god with its own?

(Dream, synonyms: illusion, unreality, nightmare.)


*For how and why to be joined with the Power of powers, Intelligence of intelligences, real God, here’s a good summary: ABCs of Salvation

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