When God Hardens Hearts and Closes Minds–Maybe That’s Why…

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

I was thinking, this morning, of all the believers who post Scriptures on public comment threads and how this helps keep us encouraged…

While we await “the fullness of (prophetic) time,” to see once again the manifestation of God’s deliverance power on our behalf and on behalf of those yet to “come on board today’s ark,” you might put it, His wisdom and guidance (abundantly available through His Word) help keep our spirits calm and our minds sound…

…for “He has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).

What is on my mind today, and so often anymore, when I want to pull out my hair over the latest absurdity coming down the Woke Pike (e.g., in today’s “news”: yet another woke “judge” thinks biological males can pretend to be women thus it’s perfectly okay for them to win all the women’s athletic awards) I am often reminded that in both Old and New Testaments there are many occasions where God, Himself, “hardened hearts” and left the rebellious to their own minds and beliefs which tended to defy not only truth but also sanity. Maybe the woke judge is just another one.

Of course, only God knows who has rejected Him for the final and irrevocable time (but take a breath, here: like the old preachers say, if we’re worried about it, it ain’t us). Romans chapter 1 explains one such context. The story of Moses and Pharoah reveals another.

But a close read of each circumstance encourages us that, though patience may get mighty thin in the interim (like my hair, LOL), it’s always for the outworking of God’s will that all be “saved” and none, “lost” (1 Timothy 2:4).

This, I believe, can inspire and encourage us to continue the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20), especially as concerns our loved ones who have yet to come to the real Light (John 8:12).

My main point of encouragement to myself and to any others who might be in need of it today is this: we may not be able to use reason, logic, common sense, real facts and data to convince someone else of the objective absurdity of their belief in this or that area, due to–their hardness of heart or skewed mind that might just be of a supernatural variety.

This takes the heat off of thinking we should always be able to make a difference with our evidence and entreaties.

Maybe the other person or group has simply come to that spiritual impasse.

Keeping this in mind can help us to remain calm, exercise self-control–and keep praying for them.

I often think of the “rich young ruler” narrative (Mark 10:17-27). Jesus told him exactly what was needed in his case to do the right thing. The young man sorrowed, however, knowing he couldn’t. Jesus didn’t run after him to keep on trying to convince him… Jesus stayed His course. (But I like to think that maybe later on, the young man had a change of mind and heart…)

We may not have Jesus’ clarity, but after sharing the truth in love, it’s okay, though sad perhaps, to stay our own course forward.

The harvest is white…we have work to do.

God knows who is yet to come on board but maybe just not through us.

At the moment.

We may only be able to plant a seed, or water another.

Then carry on in love, power, and a sound mind with God’s help and grace.

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