A Stack of Seven Fun and Heart-Warming Stories from Christmases Past Redux (and updated in such a time as 2022)

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

To lighten your spirits this holiday season, here is my gift to you: a “stack” of [humor-enriched] posts from Christmases past drawn from family stories. 



The original introduction with the added humor note deserves another update this year, 2022, for the world now, more than ever before, needs a little light(ness) in the menacing dark(ness) that seems to be blanketing the globe with its deception and totalitarian bent by a few elite who would be gods, but not the benevolent kind.

Additionally, the “wokesters,” the darkside Pied Pipers of the era you might call them, in their frenzy of attempting to erase or revise everything of goodness, nobility, common sense, truth, love, and joy from both past and present (lest the population maintain the life-giving and life-promoting values that have built real progress in civilization), seem to be hard at it with the propagandization of their “new narratives,” aka the redefining of core truths such as science, family, real history–even, if one can believe it (especially  if you are an historian reading this in the future) the redefinition, or seemingly fruitless attempts to redefine, “male” and “female”.

At the core, the Newspeak influencers of today seem to be attempting to destroy universal truths so that they and their wannabe-god handlers can re-shape the quest for the best utopia humans can strive for on earth into what is easily deduced–as the evidence continues to surface–to be a nightmare dystopia where the control-mongers, and only they, can prosper.

But enough of the state of politcs and propaganda circa 2022! 

Time for some fun with touches of nostalgia and timeless themes evidenced in individual lives in “the good old days” as well as recent days, that still and always inspire faith, hope, and love–and grins (which are, incidentally, along with vitamins, minerals, fresh air and sunshine, friendship, and generosity), the stuff of which will always over-ride hate, in the long, indeed eternal, run.

And the stuff of which gives a boost to physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual immune systems. (I mean, if you think about it, have you ever come across a totalitarian wannabe god with a real sense of humor lately, aside from its antithesis: cynicism laced with sarcasm?)

Consider: “A merry heart doeth good like medicine” (Proverbs 17:22).

And once again, enjoy!


From November 25, 2012: A little boy, a mall Santa, and The Big Opportunity.

The Gift


From December 8, 2012 (little sister Nancy’s story): An Alaskan road kill, a winter weather anomaly, and a big clean-up job on the back porch.

A Mid-Winter’s Tale from Alaska (Where Men are Men and Road Kill is for Dinner)


From December 23, 2013 (big brother Greg’s story): A budding five-year-old engineer, some lead tinsel across a set of toy train tracks, and Divine Intervention.

Christmas 1953 (snap, crackle, sssssssssss)


From December 16, 2014: A heartwarming annual cops and kids Christmas-shopping trip, pizza feed, and wrapping fest–with a handcuffing demonstration by popular demand.

On Good Cops, Gifts, and Big Hearts


From December 23, 2015: A young soldier, a Santa photo, and a hand made sign for Mom.

The Christmas Soldier


From November 9, 2017: (Little brother Andy and Phyllis couldn’t resist this) A Hallmark Christmas Movies plot summary.

It’s Never Too Early To Enjoy Some Christmas Mirth: Every Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Ever


From December 12, 2017: (Little brother Doug’s story). A couple of mischievous five year-olds, stolen rhubarb, and a lesson for the ages by Mrs. Brown.

On Mrs. Brown, Rhubarb Pie, and (Christmas) Gifts


Images of gift boxes from the public domain.

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