“Died Suddenly” World Premiere 11/21/22. Comments.

My heart and prayers for all of us, whether vaccinated (due to coercion, fear, lack of information, or because we were raised to always put our trust in the medical profession, no matter what) or not vaccinated, is to double-down on fulfilling The Great Commission. Spread God’s Word and show His love, because the shot promoters seem to be in a mad rush to jab as many people worldwide as fast as they can.

To the practical ramifications, I encourage everyone to pay attention to all sides of the issue and all the expert witnesses sans political affiliation, so that we can resist being divided, thus conquered, and to speak the truth boldly, as did those interviewed for this feature, but to speak in love.

And when the perpetrators of Agenda 2030 and the GreatReset, who are the major promoters of this medical threat, tell us who they are, I especially encourage us to believe them the first time because when they show us who they are (which is the original wording of the statement by Maya Angelou), it might be too late for the population at large–including the next generations.

And certainly as the evidence against the population-control-mongers continues to stack up, please. stop. taking. the. shots. those of you who did.

Because you will not know, during these human trials, if you will receive or did receive a placebo, an ineffective dose due to mishandling (e.g. not kept consistently at the very low temperature necessary until used or other mishandling), or if it’s the real thing.

I think the experts who risk their licenses and their careers to testify of what they know and what they have seen and examined, would continue to urge you to say, with conviction, No!, as will your family and friends who have resisted the political, medical, and social pressure to submit to the agenda, faced the threats and insults as also chronicled in the presentation, but mostly, who grieve for those who have succumbed, whether the victims have been injured or killed already, or they may face some later side effect.

Most importantly, however, as one of my siblings often says these days, I encourage us all to  “keep our spiritual bags packed.” For information on how and why, see below.*

May God be with us all in such an unprecedented time as this.


*ABCs of Salvation

Related article: FDA Documents Confirm Pfizer’s 2021 mRNA Vaccine Lots Had Different Formulations Based on Lot#

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