Guest Feature: “How do we live while we wait?” Prophecy Scholar Mark Hitchcock Advises

Jesus talked often about the future. He may have talked about the future more than any person who ever lived. In the New Testament, Jesus refers to the Second Coming twenty-one times, and over fifty times we are told to be ready for His return. Jesus wasn’t preoccupied with the end times in an unbalanced way. He always talked about the future to change the way we live in the present.

In this sermon, Jesus provided a litany of signs that will portend His return to earth. Jesus clearly believed in signs of the times. He says that the generation that sees these signs will witness His Second Coming to earth (Mark 13:30). However, this sermon is much more than a list. Jesus highlights how His followers are to live in light of His coming.

Jesus closes His sermon with a clear call to spiritual alertness. As you read His words notice the repeated use of “watch” and “stay alert.” I’ve made each of these phrases bold in the passage below: continue reading…

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