Analyst Exposes the Real Virus, Real and Lasting Antidote (Karen Kingston Interview)

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

(Updated 10/28/22)


The “virus” is most of us, you and me. This will make sense once you explore Kingston’s explanation.

The “antidote” for here and hereafter is Jesus Christ.

But see what YOU think.

First, though, some information about my motivation for continuing to cite and share this kind of technical information–as always, through a Christian lens.

A Personal Prophecy?

Many years ago I had an impression. Not a “vision”. Not a dream. Just an impression so strong I think of it often these days. I took it as a kind personal prophecy for such a time as this, very close, many believe, to the end of the Church Age which, in my opinion, puts us right on the edge of the seven-year Great Tribulation (see previous three posts for various guest explanations of this view).

In this impression, I am at a desk typing fast and furiously to meet some kind of deadline. I am readied for travel: my coat on, my suitcase at my side. I have a feeling that I will still be typing when it is time to go, when I will have to lift my fingers right now from the keyboard, button my coat, and grab my suitcase, perhaps not even finishing what I am working on. But it is urgent that I keep at my work until then.

That’s it.

But, personal prophecy or not, I have always felt such a situation would have something to do with what I would be called to contribute should we end up where it seems we are today on both the historical and the spiritual timeline, for every believer has his or her specific contribution to make.

I have always felt that I would be writing, sharing, citing, somehow communicating what is going on today primarily for the purpose of both giving the reader a glimpse of what is happening–or did happen if this is read in the future–as well as encouraging those not yet following Jesus Christ to make today their day of salvation. To that end, readers may have noticed that for some time, now, in nearly every post, I have worked in a link to the “ABC’s of Salvation” document to facilitate getting that information to eyes and hearts that need to read it and follow through. Here it is again: ABCs of Salvation.)

So, my “share” for today is an interview of Karen Kingston who, in my view, is one of the most brilliant, faith-filled and fact-focused analysts concerning what is going on with the so-called vaccine (more acurately, the mRNA gene editing injection that some scientists and investigators also call an engineered bio-weapon).

I believe this information, like the information on how and  why to become a follower of Jesus Christ (while there is yet time) is as vital for today because of its implications in end times prophetic events, which is touched on also in the interview.

The Interview

About Kingston from her website, linked below:

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst with over 20 years of experience. She’s a contributor to discussion forums and news media with US and global doctors, scientists, and attorneys on the biological effects of the COVID-19 gene editing injections.


The Interview

(My apologies for the extended screen overlaid on my sidebar information. I don’t know how to correct that yet when I share rumble video.)

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