“The Protestant Reformation vs. The New Apostolic Reformation” (Guest Teacher, Costi Hinn)

The previous post introduced a new topic for this blog and for such a time as this: the influence of deceptive beliefs and practices in the Church.

The last post featured primarily occult influences. This post exposes a case in point regarding heresy (and some occultic practices) woven into one of the fastest growing movements within the church today: The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), by means of a comparison/contrast of the NAR (a movement away from sola scriptura into experiential and certain non-biblical beliefs and practices) and the Protestant Reformation (a movement back to sola scriptura, or the primacy of the Bible, aka God’s Word).

See what you think, but above all, stay in the Word of God. – pbn

Footnote: Costi Hinn is the nephew of Benny Hinn, noted Word of Faith (WoF) teacher. Costi left his uncle’s church teachings to go back to classic Christianity. He now exposes the deception in both the WoF and the NAR movements, while encouraging all believers to go back to our roots and stay in God’s Word.

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