Pay Attention to What’s Bugging You (Vaccine and Food Edition) (Guest Feature by Celeste Solum)

From the “2022 Believe it or Not” files…

Weaponized Chimeric Insects for Vaccines & Food


[The Punch Line:]


Next time you consume “plant-based” products or for that matter any food, Read the Label.  The public is noticing that insects are now being put in products such as flour.  They are bound and determined that they will get these weaponized insects into your body.  By in large, these are not your Red Wigglers or crickets.  These are weaponized insects carrying pathogens.  How do I know?  Because the UN mandated that NOTHING can be taken from nature.  All consumables must be generated in a laboratory and are synthetic using biomimicry.  DARPA’s Cornicopa food will be 3D printed and made of air, water, electricity with weaponized lab microbes for flavoring.   It (will) come in a variety of textures.  Remember, DARPA’s goal is to sell food by the molecule…Read the entire article here…


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