On 10 Prophecies In Progress Concerning “End Times”–Guest Feature by Prophecy Expert J.D. Farag

Comes a time when time seems it could be running out–and running fast to the exit of an era.

Many prophecy experts I track agree that we may well be in such a time as this. Some say we are nigh the pre-Tribulation “Rapture” (the guest teacher’s view), others cite a different year and position on the prophecy timeclock for this event. However, all are brothers and sister in Christ with the same intent: to remind us and the world at large of the bigger, eternal picture as evil increases daily.

Pastor J.D. Farag, who, in today’s guest feature (his update from August 7, 2022), and whom I’ve cited elsewhere on this blog, explains the evidence drawn from today’s headlines and the major prophecy books of the Bible (which some esitmate to comprise up to 30% of the entire biblical anthology). Note: Farag references this document at the end: ABCs of Salvation

His update begins at appr. the 34 minute mark. It is from the video platform he recommends all viewers use. – pbn

“Checking Off All the Prophetic Boxes”




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