On “Grey Rocking” Global Abusers and the Road to Lasting Redemption

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

If anyone has had occasion to study how people not only endure but also leave abusive relationships, it seems to me that there is a stage in expediting the leaving process that can be compared with what’s happening in a global kind of abusive relationship today involving mankind at large and a few, self-presumed Masters of the Universe who seem to regard the world’s wealth of goods and people as their personal booty, and the damned, well, be damned (meaning both the useful idiots and the useless eaters and anyone else the MOUs deem unworthy or no longer, well, useful to them).

The stage in the process of leaving an abusive situation, whether global or personal, is called “grey rocking” (more on this below plus an expanded definition).

But for the moment, back to the global abusers.

Abuse schlamoose, they seem to say, as they toss off everybody’s objections to their penchant for accruing ill-gotten gain by means of the power, money, muscle–and seeming impunity–to do so, having sufficiently softened up the battleground for years, first, with propaganda, until, at the right time and with the right ordnance (both macro and micro, these days) they can drop the façade and begin the fascism in earnest.

I mean, how many people do we each know who have been caught up in the mental and emotional snares of the new humanitarianism that has been redefined as “social justice,” “equity,” a “new deal”–and fear if one doesn’t go along with the language hijack so carefully crafted to make it all seem so good and relatable.

At least until the ruse starts to peel back exposing the reality, kind of like that famous curtain being pulled back to expose the Wizard in the land of Oz.

And then the knives come out.

Global Grey Rocking?

What I am referring to in this analogy is the stage of an abusive relationship, writ global, called grey rocking (expanded definition coming up), where the abused minimize interaction with abuser(s) to hopefully diffuse the fury as much as possible until redemption, one way or another.

This is not to say that the victims do nothing else. But by grey rocking, they just step back with caution from the heat and the harassment–if not worse–to discern the best practices of the experts in abusive relationships and to employ the strategies as best they can.

I can almost hear some people comment, Didn’t the “fact checkers” expose that kind of thinking as just another conspiracy theory?! 

But by believing comments like that and what they suggest at face value (which is an effective psychological operation), some listeners join others who, whether wittingly or unwittingly, have already stopped further, and more critical, thinking (which is the purpose of that psyop) as the world continues to fall apart–even, now, in plain sight.

But in the mind of the abusers, no problem.

Any line, lie, or mind game to buy time works for them.

For listeners caught in that mental and emotional trap, thus begins, or perhaps continues, what is termed “cognitive dissonance” which is the product of a propaganda technique caused by a psychological operation akin to the Big Lie, and the abuse track of human behavior progresses (or should I say regresses?).

The fallout of this kind of psychological manipulation goes something like this: “Surely,” thinks the viewer/reader, listener, “What he/she (somebody running for a political office or power appointment) is telling us must be for the good and betterment of society, and the criticisms and warnings of the dissidents are just maybe some of those conspiracy theories I keep hearing about. I mean, the speaker went to the right schools and looks good and has the endorsements of many important and powerful people, and all…”

For example: many of us with eyes to see and ears to hear now know what the oh, so very-good-sounding expression, “fundamentally transform the United States,” really means–even if we don’t hang out with the Democrat Socialists of America or dabble in just another (21st century) hybrid of the same old totalitarianism.

But abuse by one or more people is nothing new.

It is also not hard to figure out what is really going on if we simply explore exactly what it is that seems unsettling about what we are hearing, watching, or experiencing no matter what we are told to believe about it, especially when the results of it are exposed and when we start digging beneath the surface and in more than only one source of news and information that all seems the same.

And it’s not as if there is not plenty of information to help us discern abuse, if we so choose.

For one thing, nearly everybody understands that abuse is caused by the same dark side of human nature that has always been motivated by pride, greed, and any other combination of the so-called “seven deadly sins” and its tragic consequences are strewn across the timeline of history as evidenced by billions of wrecked lives and countless trashed nations and people groups. So we learn to beware the signs and symptoms.

And for another thing, we can discern abuse by noting the end game which is always the same: the coup-sters not only want all our stuff (mostly our money) to build their gilded empires they also want our complete subjugation (sorry, kids, we have to take your rights away; but it’s for your own good and the good of all) so they can proceed with their plans without being bothered by those pesky dissidents.

And not only that, they want our worship, too. (For a prophetic take on this, see Revelation, book of, chapter 13 verse 12.)

I guess it just gets too lonely on the top of the sand pile when everybody starts seriously despising, avoiding–and/or hiding from–you, and/or if the MOUs also think they are gods, they want worship, too, just like the real God.

Or perhaps due to what brand of psychological disorder is in play (malignant narcissism, psychopathy, sociopathy, megalomania), the MOUs simply do not care about you at all.

They just want what they want and will do whatever they have to in order to get it..

(But although their victims may bow in obeisance, their eyes never seem to mirror their smiles.)

Next generation: wash, rinse, repeat by some wannabe newbies with better propaganda (and now in seven seconds or less! 24/7/365!), better world-wide (virtual) soap boxes on which to hold forth, and, now, nano weapons, to boot, to deploy when the people catch on to the propaganda and observe the same old tragic consequences beginning to destroy their lives and nations, too!

Side Note: regarding the nano ordnance: you might say it’s no longer a case of off with their heads! but in to their heads! as it were, to exploit while they are useful before they are destroyed.

In to their heads”?

“Leave the gun; take the cannoli”

Crimes perpetrated by global abusers are a lot more effective today because of new technology creating a brave new nano-world to conquer and control, making things a lot less messy and a lot easier to pull off.

To parody the idiom cited in the sub-heading above that originated in the movie The Godfather, like the gangsters of Godfather, today’s coup-crazy, global gangsters, so to speak, might say, “leave the nano weapon; take the free will.” Read here for more comments on “taking our free will” by perhaps the greatest of all stealth weapons ever devised by man, not to mention the world’s tiniest–and invisible!–Trojan Horse.

But the deployment of trackable and manipulable DNA-altering technology into our cells, to which I refer, is another topic altogether and best explained by experts in that field. Here’s just a teaser–and a confession.

A Few Expanded Definitions and Sources

GREY ROCK:  grey rocking in abusive relationships is the “technique of interacting with your ex [or with whomever] to create disinterest. Break the supply of energy to the narcissist. Methodology of ditching your narc abusive ex where you fade out of the picture to avoid being the target. You become just another grey rock in the pile as you blend away to escape the [situation] without feeding the beast. A method of becoming boring to slough off the attention of the drama seeking sociopathic narcissist” or whomever (urbandictionary.com).

USELESS EATERS: “” (politics) In the ideology of Nazi Germany, a person with a serious medical problem or disability, seen as requiring help from society but giving nothing back” (Wiktionary.org).

LEAVE THE GUN; TAKE THE CANNOLI–expanded definition: an idiom that means leave the weapon of destruction (in the movie: the gun) behind. It is likely it can’t be traced anyway. The booty, symbolized by the pastry, represents the criminals’ understanding that they probably won’t be caught or prosecuted even if they are the murderers because the gun/weapon doesn’t really matter in the gangster MO, impunity having already been arranged by hook–bribe, threat, or blackmail–and by crook. Apply that as you will to other eras and other gangsters.

And now to the encouragement part: the spiritual application.

END TIMES: aka “end of the Church Age,”–here are common questions and answers about this era of prophetic history that many Bible scholars believe we are either already in or very close to.

(EVER)LASTING RELIEF FROM ANY AND ALL KINDS OF ABUSE: meaning salvation by putting one’s faith and trust Christ Jesus. For a theological explanation, the why’s and how-to’s, read here: the ABCs of Salvation.

WAIT! “end times?” THAT doesn’t seem so encouraging!

Depends which side of history you decide to be on: destructive or redemptive, dark or light, evil or good.

Biblical prophecy that comprises over a quarter of the Bible indicates that if you choose–or continue to consort with–the dark side, it doesn’t look good. At all. For you. Or your comrades.

Because once the ultimate leader of the anti-people, anti-freedom, anti-Christ, Brave New (One) World god, aka the Antichrist, is permitted by God to get his way down here (read on in Revelation), all that power and booty won’t last long. Three and one-half years, to cite the prophecies.

And then Jesus comes back for the second time, this time, as a conquering ruler.

In short, the choice for all is: do we stay with the abusers or choose the better way out of this mess (aka the Way, Truth, and Life that is Jesus Christ) for now and ever?

Best answer: leave the abusers; take the Redeemer, or you might also put it, leave the godfather(s); join Father God.

And, judging by just today’s headlines, if you haven’t made your choice, yet, don’t wait. Here is some good information on why and how: the ABCs of Salvation.

Then, get a Bible (aka instruction manual for humans) and spend some time reading it every day, and as soon as possible, hang with other believers who can help you understand and grow in the wisdom, knowledge, and strength of Christ.

For, as many prophecy scholars agree, we are just about ready for those key chapters in Revelation that could be titled thus: “Where the Wicked Meet Their Maker and Their Eternal Fate” (but it won’t be any Oz), and we will need all the help we can get.

This will be harder, of course, as the darkness metastasizes for yet a little while in human history but take heart: here is why it is possible:

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.(Romans 8:28)

…even the bad stuff, for, as put elsewhere (Genesis 50:20),

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Context: this declaration comes from Old Testament patriarch Joseph, son of Jacob, whose brothers sold him into slavery but due to his faithfulness to God was later raised up as second in command in Egypt where his family went for food in a time of starvation.

Joseph also serves as an “everyman” as in “every believer,” for when each of us turns to God and receives His gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ (see John 3:16) redemption both physical and spiritual is also available to us.

And don’t worry–I don’t think any of us are going to miss the news that we need to know, and if we grey rock the cacophony of global gloom and doom meant to demoralize and destabilize us (the better to divide and conquer), we will be better able to retain our strength, peace–and focus.

And here’s one more nugget from God’s Word for fortification on the road ahead:

Why do the nations rage[a]
    and the peoples plot in vain?
The kings of the earth set themselves,
    and the rulers take counsel together,
    against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying,
“Let us burst their bonds apart
    and cast away their cords from us.”

He who sits in the heavens laughs;
    the Lord holds them in derision.
Then he will speak to them in his wrath,
    and terrify them in his fury… (Psalm 2:1-5)

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