Know Your Enemy–In Their Own Words

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4 Responses to Know Your Enemy–In Their Own Words

  1. Yvonne Meek says:

    Sure is difficult to click the “like” button on this information. Such sinister evil is quite unbelievable to comprehend but sadly, it is all true. It makes me sick to listen to these ones who are inspired and motivated by the prince of this world. Thank you for continuing to sound the alarm even when it feels like no one is listening.

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    • pbn says:

      Hi, Yvonne! It’s always good to hear from you.

      If even only one person reads what I share and becomes informed, affirmed, and especially encouraged, it’s all good.

      But my sense is that a lot of what “small voices” like mine in the world’s marketplace of ideas and commentaries are little attended to now, they will be sought after along with all the others telling the truth once the world coup is complete and people cannot but help comprehend that what has been going on is not merely conspiracy theory (such a handy CIA term) but conspiracy fact.

      In the meantime, I will continue to offer what I can.

      Cheers and blessings,


  2. Thank you for sharing this video Phyllis. The whole thing is sinister and evil when you think of what could happen when control over whole populations gets into the the wrong hands. It is clear that this is already happening with the power wielded by the big-tech giants, especially if this is harnessed by evil men with globalist ambitions. In all of this I see the looming spectre of the Antichrist. Given the rapidity of developments in IT and surveillance, coupled with widespread apostasy in the churches and Godless materialistic societies, it surely cannot be long before the storm breaks. Colin.


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