Guest Sermons by Keith Malcomson: “On Redeeming the time because the days are evil” and Guest Song “Just As I Am” (cover by Reba Rambo)

Here is a very timely set of four sermons by Keith Malcomson of Limerick City Church, Limerick City, Ireland, on redeeming the time (as per Paul’s letter to the Ephesians 5:16) presenting expositions on the following themes:

  1. Filled with Light
  2. Filled with Wisdom
  3. Filled with the Spirit
  4. The Wise and Foolish Versions


I mean, aside from survival, what’s left in the world to inspire, encourage, and strengthen?

What’s left of Truth?

NOTE: there is still time for you, too, if you haven’t yet received Christ as Savior. Here’s a biblical commentary on why and how: ABCs of Salvation.

Today would be best. 

And, like the old hymn says,* you can come “just as (you are)”.- pbn


* (“Just As I Am” cover by Reba Rambo)

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