Guest Feature: “The Great Reset & The End of Biological Humans” (Alison McDowell) and Bonus Feature “Harvesting Energy from the Human Body”

Heart of Darkness 2.0?

What if “here there be dragons”


some deep, dark,

quantum location

on the human genomic map 

penetrated by some 


searching for energy sources

that costs them nothing but us, all, 

until, brain neutered, power-drained,

we are harvested 

in some

Organic Farming Sustainability Project?…

I know.

Sounds like a horror novel.

A long one, though, because it takes time to build the plot and characters in plain sight, obscured for as long as possible with many distractions, crises, and the tongues of many slick salesmen programmed over time by some Ministry of Truth–to fundamentally transform civilization to one devoid of critical thinking, imagination, creativity, invention, art, poetry, prose, music, and ultimately, free will

But how, Virginia, might they do that?

Consider just this one video tapestry of many strands, so to speak, for some clues.

Consider also the bonus feature for one of the specs. – pbn


Harvesting Energy From The Human Body

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