Surviving “COV-world Abuse” (Guest Commentary) Pssst: Doesn’t Take a PhD

The guest comment below appeared beneath a video clip of a professor who fears that given the nature of the powerful forces trying to suppress the truth about the “COV-world,” as the commenter describes our world this past two years, future historians  might “cover up” the truth, too.

Perhaps the professor believes they will be aligned with  the “victors” in this global conflict, and, as the old saying goes, the victors write the history books?

At any rate, I thought the commenter did a good job of explaining that it won’t take a future historian, or a PhD today for that matter, to deduce the truth because millions have already figured it out, meaning those who have survived abusive relationships by acquiring a specific set of skills that can be adapted in today’s COV-world.

See what you think.

A few clarifying notes added.-pbn



“Historians” may never “figure it out” [the truth about the COVID phenomenon in all its aspects] but millions of people across the globe have already figured it out.

Doesn’t take a PhD to call BS.

And this next topic has been on my mind a lot through the last couple of years. Please forgive the length, but sometimes an idea needs more than a meme or a slogan to express, although those are potent.


Here’s what I mean.

If anybody has ever survived an abusive relationship with a narcissist and/or psychopath, a review of yours and others’ survival strategies is a good way to not only know exactly what’s going on in the COV-world but also how to break free of the dark force(s).

Experts and survivors agree, the abuse cycle goes generally like this:
-building tension
-an incident of abuse
-wash, rinse, repeat

And each of these stages is a “red flag incident,” so to speak, and not to be trusted once you recognize the cycle.

At the point where the target of abuse feels helpless and hopeless (usually about the time he, she, or they realize the abuser has really no interest in working things out like healthy people but only wants more power and control over their target) one of two things happens: the target falls victim to Stockholm Syndrome, or he/she/they get information, support, and out, one way or another, however long it may take.

A helpful thing to remember is the famous quote by Maya Angelou: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Note: depending upon how much fear the abuser(s) can gin up at first, which tends to shut down critical thinking, it might take a few incidents for the target to go, “Hmmm, wait a minute–there seems to be a pattern here..” and to start investigating.

And knowledge is power.

If you’ve been in one of those relationships, remember how you did it.

If you haven’t, study up on how to overcome an abusive relationship whether it’s a relationship with one person or with a swarm of hive-minded abusers (e.g., cult leaders. ideologues). Then–and without the expense of a college education–you are well on your way to a PhD in real-world survival, physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually.

Apply similar strategies in the COV-world.

But never, ever, succumb to the abuser or believe his/her/their lies.

And, please, have compassion for those who are still in the spin-cycle of fear because it might take them a little more time to overcome that stage of the abuse, the power of psychological operations being what they are and evil being what it is.

And here’s the most important thing: recognizing and overcoming the evil called an abusive relationship, however it manifests, helps all of us recognize the true conflict–it’s not us against each other (as they would love as it helps them divide and conquer) but all of us against them.

Rather, it’s all of us FOR truth, survival, and the good of the cause.

History is replete with this pattern, too, if you think about it, because otherwise, abusers, who can’t seem to stop themselves, would have destroyed everything a long, long time ago.

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