“What do the…people who have proven resistant to the Mass Formation Hypnosis have in common?” Guest Feature

What is re-printed below comes from comments on an online news aggregate. It was in response to “R,” wondering “what do the 25% (people who have proven resistant to the Mass Formation Hypnosis) have in common?” meaning resistant to the pressure to participate in the ongoing human trials related to an injection I probably don’t have to cite. Bracketed note added.

I like how the respondee put it. See what you think:

R., here’s what keeps me afloat:
1. Withdraw from propaganda outlets (most of mainstream media). The click bait is strong and ubiquitous, though, so it may be like withdrawal from a bad habit or a drug, at first. This will help keep you away from living “in the base of the brain,” that is, where it’s always a crisis, and little time is left for critical thinking.
2. Choose primary sources and experts, not politicians, propagandists, and bureaucrats, for science, facts, and figures. One big clue as to where to find the truth is to investigate non hive-mind media that big tech, pharma, and government want desperately to silence.
3. De-stress your mind, emotions, and body as much as is possible.
4. Maintain human contact, specifically family and friends, remembering that isolation in the extreme is a form of torture and an easy way to gain control over people [at any level]. We already know enough about staying away from sick people from, oh, I don’t know, the previous millenia of human history and common sense. And like we do in every single flu and cold season.
5. Put your faith and trust in God alone for wisdom “for such a time as this,” and maintain the fellowship of other believers who understand not only biblical prophecy but also the real existential threat, not to mention how to survive on many levels.
6. As the other “god” (he who “steals, kills, and destroys”) metastasizes on the global stage and in men’s hearts, pray for God’s love for those who remain duped, as likely every single one of us was when first “they” began to deceive…
7. Remain “as cunning as a serpent but as harmless as a dove.”
8. Remain calm and carry on.

Part 2

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