Through the Lens of End-Times Prophecy: “The Great Reset & Fourth Industrial Revolution” (Guest Video)

Pastor Keith Malcomson, featured presenter, explains how the beginnings of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” happening in the world just now could well result in the global, so-called end-times, one-world government foretold in both Old and New Testament prophetic books (Daniel and Revelation).

For descriptions of arguably parallel events linking what’s going on in the world today and prophecy, Malcomson cites from the writings of Klaus Schwab and documents published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the global organization Schwab founded in the early nineteen seventies.

But even if you are not familiar with the prophecies or the WEF, or even a Christian, don’t you, too, sense that all the fires having been–and continuing to be–set in every corner of the globe and touching on all aspects of our lives (politically, socially, academically,  financially, economically, and health-wise) mean much more than just opportunities to divide and conquer while something bigger and more sinister is brewing? 

 And don’t the proponents and supporters of all this transforming, whether witting or unwitting, seem so,  well, orchestrated and unified? And not just because the talking heads on state media everywhere all read from the same script and work so hard to discredit anyone with a different view.

One is put in mind of the kind of disruptive plans the old Marxist manifestos always included to foment chaos out of which they could then institute their own brand of order, or, as it might be put today, “New World Order”.

(Anybody remember when George H. W. Bush, back in the nineties, uttered those very words for the first time on the world stage? I remember experiencing a chill down my spine…).

Quoting directly from the words and writings of those like Schwab who not only want to “fundamentally transform” America but also the entire world by their plans for a Fourth Industrial Revolution via technology, Malcomson connects some very important dots and events that the “transformers” call “build back better.” 

Heard of that?

Only the “better” part is a ruse, though a spot-on ruse as viewed through the lens of  prophecy.

See what you think.

Malcomson has a critical message for believers, too, which I would paraphrase as: get back into God’s Word, mind the Great Commission as never before, and prepare for Jesus’ soon return to earth.-pbn

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