On Resisting Fear in the Day of The COVID (Good to Know for Body, Mind, and Soul)

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

‘Do not fear, for I am with you;
Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you, surely I will help you,
Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ (Isaiah 41:10)

For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)

On Fear 

The thing about fear is that it’s a thought suppressor.

Indeed, it suppresses not only (certain kinds) of thought but also a lot of other functions in the body both cognitive and physiological, while the threat inducing the fear (or perceived threat–it’s all the same to biological triggers) is being processed, then dealt with.

I mean if one spots a lion in the bushes, it’s not time to lay back in the weeds working out the lines of a poem about the whispy clouds above that resemble delicate birds in flight.

So if the fear is warranted, this redirection of circulatory and nervous systems’ assets is a good thing, enabling the blood supply to amass where most needed, survival instincts to come to the fore, and all other appropriate physical responses to follow in line.

Synapses snap to attention and warning buzzers go off in the part of the brain in charge of  things, now (the amygdala).

Survival skills shove poetry writing aside to help one determine asap if it’s better to fight, flee, or freeze.

The engine of metaphor, which never really stops, might note for a moment that somehow those wispy little birds in flight just now have taken the shape of vultures swooping in for the leftovers while nearby weeds and bushes become not places to lay back and muse but to hide.

On Another Kind of Fear

When it comes to a completely different kind of threat, however, as in that which is suggested, hyped, and weaponized based on, for example and to my topic today, politics more than pandemics, rhetoric more than reality, there is another and more sinister kind of threat abroad but equally as lethal in other ways, a threat that can lead to, but is not limited to, what follows, as more and more stories come out:

  • While the illness is real but when tried and true protocols to cure it are withheld, it can become lethal.
  • When “do no harm” becomes “how much money can I or my hospital make if life-saving treatments are denied and the patient requires the extended insurance-and government-funds-backed “protocol” longer than would normally be necessary”?, death rates rise.
  • When determining risks versus benefits of tried and true protocols becomes risks versus benefits of going along with the new mandates or get fired and lose your medical license, the weaponization of “health care” intensifies.

And there is one more perhaps far greater risk.

  • When bureaucrats, government workers, wealthy businessmen, and talking heads on television not only supress scientific investigation of said illness and cures but also any and all opposing viewpoints regarding their preferred policies and mandates (for arguably questionable agendas), this works another (nefarious) wonder: another way to divide and hopefully to conquer people in this case, those who take the experimental therapy versus those who decline.

Side note: Some say the protocol in quesion is about controlling the people. But I think it’s more about getting the people to control themselves through hate which divides which conquers, and which makes it far, far easier on the powers-that-be who, not having to get messed up in all this business on the ground, can continue with their work in the lab…

The Biggest Trouble

The biggest trouble is, however, in my view, that those on the pro side begin to believe their own lies and propaganda, and in many cases, it seems, also join in the hatred against those who hold other views–no matter the degrees, expertise, or experience of those who oppose.

They climb on board the hate train even though, ironically, this reaction is not based on the scientific method at all but on the predictable-human-nature-method, as in scapegoat your enemy for your ills and your frustrations, no matter –or denied–the facts, and in this case, your motivation to destroy them ramps up with each new and scarier headline and un-challenged rationale.

This lethal in other ways phenomenon is called “The Big Lie Theory,” and none are immune to it unless we resist the fear that leads to believing the data-tweaking, truth-suppressing, bribe-and-blackmail-persuading mechanisms used on this battleground. Unless we pursue truth.

But strategies involving big lies are effective because relentless threats (or perceived threats) have a way of exhausting not only the body but also the mind because people caught in the fog and fear of this–as advertised and perceived–existential, even, life and death war put their hands up and just go along to get some rest or to “return to normalcy” which is used as the carrot on the stick (that is ever moving just beyond reach).

Or the go-alongers are of those who are bribed, black-mailed, or just plain burned out, all the other fronts of this war notwithstanding…

The Encouragement

So what’s the encouraging news in all of this? Consider:

  • We do not have to stay in the fear zone: real or hyped; temporary or continually stoked by those who arguably do not have our best interests in mind.
  • We need never be alone or lacking back-up in the fight (read again the opening verses–and look around as more and more people are exposed to the truth).
  • And if, indeed, the powers-that-be continue or even get worse (the bag of tricks to destroy and control is pretty deep but not bottomless), take a few minutes to review the real history of tyrants, despots, authoritarians, totalitarians, socialists, fascists, and communists to understand that though their reigns might be long, they are always overcome by good people. By truth. By God and His powerful, loving, and sound-minded agenda (located in the spiritual part of the brain, as it were) that has always and will always overcome and conquer evil, thus today’s kind will also be overcome and conquered.

But, then, it’s logical: if our real enemy is only out to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10), and if he is known as the Father of Lies, right there is the end of him, in due time–and of his accomplices in the flesh–I mean, once they’ve stolen all our stuff, killed everybody, and destroyed everything else, what’s left?


If you think about it.

In short, the virus called evil has no antidote.

But before their ultimate demise, there is more to their fate–something to both rejoice over and to keep in mind in this, yet another battle, at its core, of good versus evil:

“He [God] has blinded their eyes
and hardened their hearts,,
so they can neither see with their eyes,
nor understand with their hearts,
nor turn—and I would heal them.” (John 12:40-41) 

To rejoice over because even God says “enough is enough” (good, for us), also, until that time, some of “them” could yet “turn” to Him and be healed (saved, delivered, and changed–good not only for them but also, again, for us).

However, some may never turn to Him–and here is the part to always keep in mind: thus at all times we must keep our focus on the bigger and eternal picture and our discerners and critical thinkers tuned up and turned up on “high”.

And do everything we can to keep our fears, anxieties, and thoughts outside the ride.

Buckle up.


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