“Where Have All the Churches Gone?” Guest Feature: Keith Malcomson

Have you, too, been looking?

The “local church” of Pastor Keith Malcomson (located in Limerick, Ireland), who is featured below, may not be yours, literally or online, but there is one for you.

After searching diligently for a number of years, I have finally found the “church body” I am called to attend and to serve. It’s small, and we meet in an historic, old church building (est. 1853) literally on the edge of a wheat field.

Yours might be something bigger and more grand, but then again, all Jesus said is needed for His presence is “two or three gathered together in My name.”

Or perhaps if you are called to pastor a church, the teaching below about the kind of churches Jesus builds on earth will lead and inspire you.-pbn



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2 Responses to “Where Have All the Churches Gone?” Guest Feature: Keith Malcomson

  1. pbn says:

    Yes…. the accent. It took me along time to figure out that when he says the word “poor” it sounds more like a kind of drawn out “pure” but then I sudder to think what English speakers in other lands think of OUR accents especially when it comes to slang and certain “ethnic innovations”.



  2. Dr. Ron says:

    He is truly very intense, and following his accent proves challenging when he is excited and talking faster. I am always tempted to tell pastors, that they should do one thing well. Teaching the Word.


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