Another Video Featuring American Hero Lt Col Stuart Scheller

I guarantee this man’s name and heroic actions will live on and his quest will be studied in the future by all who also strive to be honorable for an honorable cause and to be part of the solution–if even at great personal cost–when leadership fails. 

May God bless you, Lt Col Stuart Scheller, and your family, and keep you all safe and well.

Please know that millions of real Americans, sir,  are praying for your success for the cause of this great nation where in times of crisis, always, great people rise up from the ranks, take a gulp, say a prayer themselves, and echo what all courageous men and women say in such times “Well, if nobody else will, I must.”

YOU are a great inspiration.

You haven’t succumbed to fear, cynicism, or the attempts to demoralize you, as have so many with a lot less to lose.

We are strengthened by your strength.

I want you to know that.-pbn

If YouTube censors this video, keep looking. Every day there are more and more venues of truth–also rising up.

For his previous two videos, click here.


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