Whatever Happened to “First Do No Harm”? (Guest Exposé), Bonus Video: AMA Teaches Propaganda

So all the hype, fear, angst, propaganda, hate, hubris, and monied interests have come to this?

What’s next?–PBN

Guest Exposé:

As a doctor, here’s my message to anyone who thinks it’s OK to deny medical treatment to those unvaccinated against Covid

Some doctors are openly discussing refusal to treat patients who decline, for whatever reason, to get the jab. This would set a dangerous precedent and shatter fundamental tenets of medical practice.

An insidious sentiment has begun metastasizing throughout the United States and Britain, expressed by politicians, pundits, and – most disturbingly – by physicians themselves: that the unvaccinated who contract Covid-19 should be denied medical care.

It gets worse. A former US senator from Missouri, Claire McCaskill, also wants the unvaccinated to have their insurance rates raised. Piers Morgan, the British TV personality, demands to his nearly 8 million Twitter followers that the NHS must refuse them hospital beds. An emergency medical physician in Arizona responds to a video clip of people unmasked in a grocery store with a message, “Let ‘em die”. A liver surgeon at Massachusetts General suggests that declining a Covid vaccine should be treated by doctors as a functional Do Not Intubate/Do Not Resuscitate order.

These are neither private thoughts nor quiet conversations with overworked colleagues: these are calls to action, shared on social media, intended for public consumption.

This should terrify you. Continue reading…

Hmmm, I don’t remember any such deadly measures proposed for people who declined flu, mmr, pneumonia, shingles, tetanus, and other vaccines. Wonder why not? Perhaps some of the answers are covered in the next presentation.-P


Having taught rhetoric, propaganda, and other persuasive writing techniques  for many years, it’s my view that this video is a must for people who seriously wonder what is truth and what is misleading at best, deceptive at worst, these days, when it comes to health information.

But even if you don’t know the correct terms or persuasion mechanisms, follow your gut and apply logic and critical thinking, available free and 24/7, and you will do just fine.-PBN

AMA Propaganda Handbook EXPOSED! Doctors Brainwashing “Pandemic” and “Vaccine” Language


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