American Gulag, 2021 (Guest Article)

Source: American Thinker August 12, 2021


January 6 political prisoners

deserve much more outrage

than they’re getting

How long would it have taken rabid, radical leftists to

respond if the Trump Department of Justice had held Antifa defendants

in jail for seven months without trial?  Half a millisecond?

Hundreds, yes hundreds of Trump-supporters at the Capitol have been

held for seven months without trial.  Other than a timid protest by

a few conservative House Republicans, this writer is unaware of demands

that these political detainees — how otherwise to explain their detention

by Biden’s attorney general Garland (and thank the Almighty he was not

put on the Supreme Court) — be given a fair and speedy trial?

Following a story in The Washington Post that a federal judge has constitutional

concerns about one case involving a few of the detainees, The New York Times

recognized, in its August 11 print edition, that the constitutional right of the

detainees to a speedy trial is going by the boards, as trials are supposed to begin

within 70 days of indictment.

Here it is more than seven months after January 6, 2021, the date of the Capitol incursion.

Isn’t this an occasion for the filing of habeas corpus writs?  What is going on here? […]

The Biden administration is trashing due process and equal protection of the laws

— and not a word of outrage at this trashing of the Constitution is heard.

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