Are “They” Really After Our Free Will? (The Secret’s in the Blood)

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

Could it be that what they are really after is our free will?

By “they” I mean those who have injected their “software of life” aka “operating system” into millions across the globe.

I know. Sounds very syfy-esque.

Pass the tinfoil hats and crank up the Twilight Zone theme, right?!

I wouldn’t have considered such a possible ulterior motive in my wildest imaginations if they, themselves, hadn’t admitted it from the get-go, and if the truth of the injections hadn’t been–and continues to be–leaking out from behind the censor gods in the citidels of big tech and from the communication towers of the propaganda meisters to spin, subvert, and stop it.

As if they could stop truth.

Playing Devil’s Advocate, though, why wouldn’t they want to nullify our free will if doing so would give them not only a natural way of overcoming one of the most powerful gifts God gave human beings by voiding or destroying the part of the brain where we figure out how and what to choose but also a way to void the supernatural element where we get to freely choose to follow Jesus Christ into His eternal peace versus being conned, or forced, to choose (if not willingly choosing) their god into his eternal destination (smells of fire and brimstone)?

For the center of both choices is embedded in the brain, and, from what’s being made known,  it appears as if in the mix of ingredients in the anti-virus juice there is that which can penetrate the blood brain barrier and start nibbling away at memory, reason, and the other choice essentials functioning there.

This is assuming they believe in Jesus Christ, of course.

But there is one to come named Antichrist who will not only knows who Jesus is but who also wants to BE Him, at least, be a god like Jesus. But  this counterfeit has to have the people choose to follow and serve him, too, to get what he wants–one way or another. 

(FYI: But it’s the “another” choice that makes up a good deal of the horror and devasatation called the Tribulation.) 

And if the prophecies about Antichrist prove true, and people are already clamoring for a world leader in this mess we’ve made for ourselves down here, that devil is cresting the horizon even now.

Of course, as the Apostle John explained to the first Church, the Antichrist spirit has already been at work in the world.

I wonder if the plan to get literally inside the brain to void our free will has anything to do with what Jesus said while answering questions about the “end times”:

And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. (Matthew 24:22)

That is to say, maybe “they” will eventually be able to accomplish their secret agenda, at least for a little while, via whatever “software” they plan to install. You know how. Maybe even now…

Nevertheless, our free will hasn’t dissolved yet.

Witness the truth leaking and spreading and waking people up every day, more and more…

Though some sacrifice much in this quest.


So, to now take my thesis to a horrify-esque level, the “how to” factor, consider this: IF they could erase or even destroy the part of the brain in question, by, say, figuring out a way to include some kind of nano bio-weapon that, via the blood stream, could get in there in order to do the job, imagine the control they’d have over–and IN–everybody!


Talk about the ultimate in power, greed AND lust!

And talk about another kind of “gain of function,” so to speak, for the AC–this one Trojan-horsed via medical technology: the destruction of the ability to choose our eternal life, too (the Holy Grail of Satan’s quest–who is Antichrist’s real handler). 

They might advertise their tinkerings in our cells via the bloodstream as the way to live forever in the natural but there is only One Whose own blood (because of our bad blood, so to speak) gives us real eternal life. Here is a good summary of this phenomenon:

Because of the Old Testament system [animal sacrifice to obtain righteousness], Christ’s followers could comprehend what He was doing when He shed His blood on the cross. And today we can better see what His sacrifice means. Just as physical life is in the blood of animals, eternal life is in the blood of Jesus Christ. Physically, our existence depends on blood to sustain life, and, spiritually, our lives depend on the shed blood of Jesus Christ (Romans 5:101 John 1:7Ephesians 1:7Colossians 1:14Hebrews 9:22). Through those ancient sacrifices repeatedly offered in the Old Testament, we are led to appreciate that death—the shedding of blood—has always been the cost of securing eternal life for sinful humans.

Believers are cleansed, forgiven, and made right with God by the blood of the Lamb, God’s guiltless substitute. The life that Christ emptied of its blood now pumps everlasting life into our veins. Oh, how astounding it is that God would shed His own blood to pay the penalty for our sins! continue reading…

So, close but no cigar, medicaltechnocrats. 

You might be able to con us with your white coats, but through the blood of Jesus Christ, we receive white robes signifying the real everlasting life.

I might add: an everlasting life where parts don’t become obsolete, gears never rust, and what’s left of the flesh housing your “operating system” doesn’t continuously slough off, wrinkling itself into oblivion. 


If today the Lord is calling you, harden not your heart. (see Hebrews 3:15, John 3:1-21)

Those already robed up: stay the course.



 On the Virus That Is Not Science…


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