Assignment Underground, 3: “If Today the Lord is Calling You” Back to Work (no matter your age and station in life) Harden Not Your Heart (eyes, ears…).

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

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In “normal times,” a person works for a number of years then retires.

However, there is nothing normal about these times and people who have been paying attention to the bigger picture, both in the secular and prophetic realms, realize there may well be no normal to get back to once the dust of whatever evil it is that seems to be lusting after the destruction of civilization settles, because, well, literal dust might be all that’s left if the destroyers have their way. And the dead are buried in the ruins. Which is what usually happens if you look it up.

I mean, if those trashing and burning their way through both city and civilization these days would turn down the volume of their vitriol for a minute and think about it, if they destroy everything in their path to power, there will be nothing left with which to cobble together new cities and civilizations because the cobble will be rubble.

I think of the criminals in the news just now (pick a country) doing the dirty and dangerous work  (likely paid no more than minimum wage by World Wreckers [WW], Inc.) of destroying food warehouses, delivery trucks, water and energy sources, farmlands, factories, etc., in their apparently literal scorched-earth plan based on some flimsy Marxist utopian pipe dream using pipe bombs (both literal and figurative), and how it gives whole new meaning to the old expression, “cutting off your nose to spite your face,” translation: cutting of your supply lines to spite the people and capitalist institutions you hate because they get in the way of Marx & Minions, Inc.


Even the ancient institution of math is suddenly racist.

No, really

(Just for the record: I won’t be hiring any “new math grads” to fix my plumbing or anything else requiring specific tools, education, skill, and precision.)

But there will be Artifical Intelligence, they say, that will rule and reign over all at the speed of 7 billion IoBs (Internet of Brains) controlling the IoTs (Internet of Things) to perfection! 

King AI might be “evolved” enough at one point to “program itself,” as the big (tech) dogs hope and fantasize will surely happen one day when the chain of robotic evolution happens upon its own kind of “missig link”.

But in order to get “there,” even AI needs metal miners, energy producers, and secured buildings and factories to put the robotic bits and pieces together, and food, water, clothing, and shelter, to keep the humans who design and produce all those bits and pieces alive and functioning.

Put another way, if you trash and burn common sense and logic, not to mention faith, hope, and love, along with everything else that has enabled mankind to make real progress but that you have been brain-washed to think is in the way of your brave new world, the echo chamber of all your high and mighty fantasies will eventually turn into a vacuum.

Hello…ooo…ooo, anybody left? AnyTHING left…?

Send in the crickets.,

Only no crickets either.

Fade to oblivion…

So how’s this all relate to retired believers being called back into ministry?


Short answer: we are never retired until we are at home with the Lord.

For one thing, there were quite a few Bible VIPs in their advanced ages when they were called into service the FIRST time, back in their day.

For another–and to such a time as ours–when once Woke, Cancel, Censor, and Destroy (WCCD) are done bio and mindforming (like terraforming but not the earth, people), at least as much of the world’s population as they can herd into Newthink and Do, the only ones left with any sense of not only real history but also prophecy will in large part be the ones at the vanguard of both the resistance and the Good News of redemption, “cunning as serpents but as harmless as doves,” for the most part.

These would not be the kind of believers who twist and bend with every new secular doctrine the folks at WCCD decree.

They are those with feet firmly planted on that path that gives true light.  

A Few of the Old from Old

Here is just one summary of what a late start (or continuation) meant centuries’ past for twelve of those men and women called into or back into the ministry at an advanced age.

A few of the New from Now!

Right now, today, in the past month or so–and the reason I believe this topic in the series is of special import for all of us today–I have heard of a few local, modern-day VIPs who have recently been called back to ministry. 

One Christian couple, for example, well into retirement long enough to have built their dream home were recently called (link to the feature to find out how to tell if it’s a real calling) back to the kind of ministry they retired from but in a location far from home. They sold their home and are now in their new assignment.

Another couple now in their mid-eighties were 1) called for a few years in their late seventies to take care of two infants for a period of a few years and 2) now, years later, are called back to their original missionary ministry of preaching the Gospel and performing other works of service in a location in a very challenging climate (they were long-term missionaries who travelled the world).

My neighbors across the street, another retired couple, all set to relax in their golden years, recently moved back to their former church to continue where they left off. There are some problems with the new leadership, they were told. Would you consider coming back? They were asked. 

Still another couple, 73 and 69 years-of-age, both a few years out from serious health issues and for one, open heart surgery, are recovered enough to travel this week quite far from home, to begin what the Lord has prepared for them to do there. Surprise! 

Whether or not one reads a figurative or a literal age calculation into any of the above Old Testament stories, the point is: while these were/are not necessarily young, fit, financially well-resourced, and/or physically strong men and women the world would pick to embark on their, or any, such extraordinary adventures, they get the job done because their “resource” and Commander in Chief is God.

As put in New Testament times by St. Paul in one of his letters to believers, such front-line workers know:

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:9)

In the way the world views “old people” (not to mention how “old people” themselves might feel in the denouement of physical strength and vigor) prayers for resources might be different in an advanced age, e.g., as the women called back into the service of caring for first one three-month-old, then later on the baby’s younger sibling, “Lord, you’re going to have to bless me with energy”.

Others being called back (you? today?) might need only a good realtor to help them sell their house, dream or not; still others might need prayers for their family to understand the unexpected “duty call,” and still others (most of us) might need encouragement as our re-assignments might only be reminders that ministry done in the very same locations as always–in the kitchen, at work, in the neighborhood, or in the extended family–are still every bit as powerful and important as those who work the usual kinds of mission fields or churches.

Indeed, in the increasingly dangerous and darkening world, such quieter, less visible, “underground ministries,” so to speak, as most of us have, may be needed even more so, as WW Inc. are now in some places literally torching Christian churches and burning Bibles in streets–granted both impunity and immunity by the WCCD folks.

After all, we are all still called to the “great commission” of spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth, even in so-called first-world countries with churches on every street corner. At least the brick and mortar kind of churches.

But the church is really everywhere else, too, meaning wherever “two or more are gathered together in my (Jesus’) name.”

I encourage you today, especially if you are retired in the world’s eyes (and even according to your health or age status), to ask God what you might be called to do, still, or perhaps anew, in this increasingly crazy, chaotic world to which He planned for you to live and minister, having called you “from the foundation of the world.” 


I had originally thought I would write about the element of surprise, an element included in virtually every one of the world’s military field manuals and in God’s “field manual,” the Bible–that is, what the world might call surprise in the Biblical narratives.

But there are no surprises in God’s roster of operations, so to speak. Consider what God said about what all events and strategies really are (read: prophecy):

I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say, ‘My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.’ (Isaiah 46:10) 

But whatever you call it in either battleground, I would think that sending in the old-timers would upset any apple cart (or Abrams tank), especially in this era of trans-soldiers, meaning part robot part human.

“Surprise! Here comes Grandpa and Grandma!” (Cue the laugh track.)


And when God calls a person of any age, status, location, no matter what the world might consider qualifying characteristis or not, to “kick some spiritual ‘hindparts'” (for our real enemy is also a spirit), there is not only surprise, of sorts, but also warriors of this class are the ultimate Trojan Horse.

I mean, who is ever going to search in the “geriatric department” (or the children’s, or the hospital, or the prison, kitchen, prayer closet, classroom, factory, etc., where believers respond to the call of servce in prayer or in myriad other ways) for warriors of any kind, let alone on visible “battlegrounds” which, if you think about it, pretty much span the globe in such a time as this.

So if today the Lord is calling you, let me encourage you to not harden your hearts–or ears, or eyes.

And maybe, in the practical sense, downsize a bit.

You never know where not only the “spirit blows,” like the wind, but also where God might “send” you on good old terra firma–now, or next.  

Remain alert and carry on.

And don’t be surprised if Sunset Retirement Village isn’t quite your destination yet.

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