How Shall We Now Live, 7: On Broken Hallelujahs–and One Broken for Us

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Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

Broken Hallelujahs*

Hallelujah as in an expression of joy or praise.

Broken as in…shattered.

There are a lot of “broken Hallelujahs,” so to speak, in the time in which we live.

We seem to witness more and more division where once was unity, fear where once was security, and hate where once was love.

The former things of joy and praise that kept minds, hearts, and whole civilizations building stronger seem to be shattering shard by shard away from center.

These days.

Now, more often than not, cynicism curls its lips and claws embedding its evil deeper in minds and hearts.

Requiems sound on the edges of anthems.

We wonder if we will ever return to the business of a good work in progress.

We wonder how, particularly as believers, shall we now live?

One Broken for Us**

There is One Who gathers the broken, frustrated, fearful, despairing, cynical, hated, and lost, Who allowed Himself to be broken for us long ago that we might be made whole today.

One Who still brings joy to the downcast, hope to the hopeless, healing to the sick, and salvation to all who put faith in Him.

One Who still restores broken Hallelujahs and hearts, confused minds and abandoned spirits.

Jesus is His name.

The same cited here:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son [Jesus], that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

And He’s not done with us yet.

Or the world.

Keep letting them know.


*”Broken Hallelujahs” as expressed here:

**”One Broken for Us” as represented here:


Image source: c5482e30-79bd-4655-8b40-c6b5041f60c6.jpg (640×480) (

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