Yet Another Doctor Shares Serious Concerns RE: Masks, Opposition to Known Therapies for COVID-19, and Vaccines. Question Mainstream Media Information and Heavy Censorship of Other Doctors and Scientists. NOTE: One Minute Read, 49 Minute Interview. Most Shocking and Most Helpful Info Starts at 41 Minute Mark.

Dr. Lee Merritt, an Orthopedic Surgeon in Onawa, Iowa, is interviewed by Jeff Dornik and delivers an amazingly comprehensive overview of the motives behind the Covid-pandemic theater. First, she shows that there is no real pandemic and that the public-health practices being mandated are scientifically absurd. Then she reasons that, if obscene profits were the only motive for this crime, it would not be necessary to put so many exotic and toxic components into the vaccines. continue reading at source… UPDATE 4/24: THE CONNECTION TO THIS SITE MAY BE CENSURED or CORRUPTED. HOWEVER, DR. MERRITT’S COMMENTS IN THE VIDEO BELOW ARE STILL UP TODAY. HER WEBSITE, LINKED AT THE BOTTOM, IS ALSO STILL UP TODAY OR CAN BE FOUND BY USING ALTERNATE SEARCH ENGINES.

UPDATE #2, 4/24: COVID Shots to “Decimate World Population,” Warns Dr. Bhakdi – The New American  (read here for potentially very serious side effects that might occur particularly after the second shot. The specifics on this start at about the 24 minute mark.) Alternate site: Its Nothing Less Than Death Science Being Pushed By The Global Eugenicists (

One would rightly ask: why is so much of this information being scrubbed or censored? 


Dr. Merritt’s website: The Medical Rebel (


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