GUEST ARTICLE: “Now What?” and GUEST VIDEO: “Why?” For This Time in America and in Prophecy

Two features that came to my “inbox” today from fellow blogger Dee Chadwell who writes at and Pastor J.D. Farag’s weekly Prophecy Update pair perfectly, in my view, as representative of two sides of the same coin: the changes in both the secular and spiritual worlds and how a believer is to now live with respect to both.

They are also representative of my own personal direction for this blog.

Although I may continue to offer other guest features such as more travelogues–if my friend in the U.K. feels inspired to contribute more–and an occasional humor piece for a bit of respite, I, too, have the “Holy Spirit sense” we have turned a page to a far more serious chapter in both secular and spiritual history. 

In both arenas, I doubt there is anyone left who does not have at least some awareness that things are not what they used to be. Our world has shifted. People have become increasingly lawless and cold-hearted. Lies abound.

George Orwell’s and Aldus Huxley’s dystopian novels 1984 and Brave New World, respectively, are selling off the shelves as people awaken. Interviews and writings from the past by political dissidents and others who survived the horrors of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany are now viewed with renewed interest and a sense of concern for our own nation. I have previously featured several such interviews. Here are three embedded in one post.

But it’s never too late to come out from the all-too-human normalcy bias and perhaps even from denial.

For we in the free world (growing less so) may soon face more restraints, restrictions, and resistance from the powers that be, and each day with greater awareness of both practical and spiritual survival skills is a good day. I hope to provide at least some of each through my believer’s lens. Some will likely be from past, relevant posts.

But mostly, I pray that those who need hope, truth, and strength in such a time as this will turn to Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, for the answers. Read about Him here.

And judging by prophetic markers, I’d suggest you do not delay.–PBN


by Dee Chadwell, February 24, 2021

Now what? Isn’t that what all clear-thinking Americans are asking themselves? Now what? I have spent the last decade writing my own blog and writing for American Thinker hoping to encourage any audience I might have had to do a little more thinking, a little more learning. I still think that’s a valid trip to set out on, but my destination has changed. I’m no longer going to write about social commentary, or about political doings – all of that is over. Our society has officially accepted the Lie, therefore our politics are no longer viable. If there is no truth, there can be no justice, and if there is no justice, there’s no point in government. So.

Our only opportunity as a people is to reacquaint our selves with the God who made this country great in the first place. Our nation was built to run on the high-octane fuel of connection with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, with the Father of Jesus Christ. It can’t run on the watered-down pabulum of the health & wealth gospel or on the very thin gruel of elitist humanism.  We need a huge infusion of biblical thinking, of truth, of backbone, and that only comes from constant contact with the Word of God.

Even the most cursory expedition into the Bible provides us with a sense of wonder. Science, despite the overwhelming antipathy toward the scientists making these discoveries, is beginning to admit that what we’re now able to observe shows that Darwin’s “simple cell” is anything but simple, that the Grand Canyon was more likely to have been formed quickly in some cataclysmic event than over millions of years of erosion, that the Cambrian layer disproves the gradual development of species because they all seem to have arrived at once. I mean, what if a lot of what we’ve been taught in history and science courses has been hogwash? What if Genesis is an accurate, if astounding, account of human history? What if those Ten Commandments in Exodus really are the best way to run a society? Let’s explore that idea…continue reading…



Prophecy Update, February 28, 2021

by Pastor J.D. Farag, Calvary Chapel, Kaneohe, HI</div>.

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1 Response to GUEST ARTICLE: “Now What?” and GUEST VIDEO: “Why?” For This Time in America and in Prophecy

  1. Thank you Phyllis for flying the flag of Truth, along with Dee Chadwell, J. D. Farag, John Haller, Jan Markel, Steve Turley, Jacob Prasch and Armin Tsarfati. You and all the others mentioned are the voices of the true Remnant, those who can see with crystal-clear vision the downward spiral into the tyranny of evil in which, as Dee says, much of the population have accepted the Lie. The strategy of the left is to control education, from top to bottom, from universities to elementary schools, and in that they have succeeded spectacularly. Once you have gained access to the formative years of the population you can brainwash their minds with neo-Marxist propaganda so that they emerge into adulthood with a complete set of woke encyclopedias embedded in their brains. Then the die is cast. Politics, society and culture are infiltrated and set on a course towards self-destruction, and history repeats itself. For this to happen the churches must have been distracted, looking elsewhere, perhaps navel-gazing. What is certain is that the churches have signally failed to retain their flocks and warn the world at large of what was coming, and in many cases this is because they are part of the problem, they have chosen to perpetuate a political lie instead of teaching the divine Truth, they have abandoned the Word of God and sold themselves to the devil.


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