Monarchists* Unite! Part 3: It’s Still Win, Win–Win (Revival, Survival–Arrival)

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

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*Monarchist: One whose primary and ultimate allegiance is not to man but to the King of Kings.

WIN WIN (Revival, Survival)

There may still be time left for America to regain her glory.

Or not.

God may still have time left for America on His prophetic timeline (enough, that is, for a “revival”).

Or His timeline might mean we are close to another familiar chapter in God’s deliverance pattern (aka “survival”–that many believe will be off planet).

Off planet?

WARNING: controversial doctrine ahead.

A possible option for the survival “win” this time, in my view, would be what I call the Great Offset, as in the Rapture (I’m a pre-Tribulationist) where millions of believers will be harpazo’d off the planet for a seven-year period of time as the events of the Great Tribulation “down here” commence.

The trigger for this event may well be America’s possible demise as a Representative Republic along with a number of other events that have lined up in the past seventy or so years involving not only America but other nations and peoples.

Warning concluded.

But even believers who do not subscribe to this doctrine, all subscribe to one of the other three: mid- or post-Tribulation Rapture, or simply, the Second Coming of Christ.

Yet whatever God’s plans are, those who serve the King of Kings and who track prophecy discern that we are very likely at another win-win juncture in history that I would call, as noted above, either revival or survival. (For the third very different but much greater win, “arrival,” see below.)

In short, despite the trouble down here, i.e., the agitprop and deception ginned up for only one purpose at this point of awareness–to increasingly divide and conquer the masses–the clear light of truth and redemption still shines bright up in the throne room.

I would argue it shines even brighter, if possible, in contrast to the intensifying darkness of the world.

But first, to the scene on the ground.


By revival here and now I mean events that will turn the tide back toward a restoration of one of the greatest nations on earth for respecting human freedom that it might be saved from the slippery slope of socialism so that–and here is my main point as to the much bigger picture–believers might have a little more time to complete the Great Commission.

As  Monarchists, we understand that we are here for such a time as this, i.e., to draw others to the same One Who saved healed, delivered, comforted, encouraged–and died for–us, whatever temporal tasks might also be part of that effort.

For the King of Kings loves them, too, that is to say, all who have yet to choose to put their trust and faith in Him.


By survival I mean once the phase of prophesy noted above is complete, that is to say, once the last individual seeking, finding, and then opening his or her mind and heart to Christ has come into the Church, i.e., the Great Commission wraps up, the next phase begins. (For more on the significance of that “last one,” read here.)

However, exactly how the deliverance element of the pattern happens, whether by Rapture or some other means, just prior, also as per biblical pattern, we will experience an increase in lawlessness.

As Jesus put it when teaching His disciples about the “end times,” this is “because of the multiplication of wickedness [when] the love of most will grow cold”. And evil forces will again attempt to annihilate good–which God hasn’t permitted before and won’t now.

Because if you think about it, even if our real enemy is set on stealing, killing, and destroying it is God’s goal that “all should be saved, none lost” and for this He “gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life,” thus  good wins over evil.

Every time.

At any rate, Satan is simply not that powerful, as a created being himself, albeit one who rebelled. Though he is brilliant and persuades millions with his dark craft, he has failed time and time again, while those (brilliant or not) who place their faith and trust in God have prevailed by one win or another, as it were, throughout time.

The challenging part of the pattern, however, is that “just prior” time.

There is often persecution involved. Sometimes lengthy in nature; often bloody.

It begins with seeds of hate that, if unchecked, lead to division that leads to anger that leads to rage that leads to stealing, killing, and destroying, and a bitter fruit is harvested–or buried. And we are at the business end of rage, in my view, not leaving a lot of time for the culminating events.

To make matters much worse, at the end game of annihilation, there are those who allow their hearts to harden, as noted above, and there are still others, having rejected salvation time and maybe time again, whose hearts God Himself hardens. (Here is a perspective on that mystery.)

For even God says “enough is enough”.

But because good always conquers evil, God has, does, and will intervene before evil’s end game.

Otherwise, nothing would be left. Literally.

There are many biblical narratives reinforcing this pattern.

For example, consider how bad it got for the Israelites just before the original Passover.

Recall the narrow window of opportunity for Lot and his family fleeing the twin cities just before they ruptured.

Don’t forget Noah and his people (and a zoo-ful of animals) who had just a few days secure in the Ark before the canopy broke and the deluge began.

(I always like to add Abigail’s story, here, because she had, literally, just a few hours to save her household. Queen Esther’s story is another good example of how God rescued His people who were also on the edge of serious peril.)

In our case just now, it seems we are on the edge of America having one more chance to realize a restoration to its roots, or revival, or perhaps it is indeed the time just prior to deliverance, or survival.

But however God accomplishes the next phase in the deliverance pattern, whichever kind of win it will be, there is another, greater “win” that permeates all of history, good times and bad, times of peace and times of war, times of planting and of reaping. But especially times of war.

What I mean is we are very likely on the verge of a big influx of believers into the Church.

Not some brick and mortar denomination, but the living, breathing, born-again, Spirit-filled Church that may or may not meet in a building or under some doctrinal canopy, but that which is built up by God’s Spirit when individuals, responding to faith’s call from a sincere heart and an open mind to the God question, invite Him into their hearts and lives.**

And it’s going to be a big win, because it is in times of persecution that the Church has always flourished, and the trouble down here just now has never been bigger or involved more people because it reaches all parts of the globe.

Part of that is because when we are content we focus on ourselves. When we are in trouble, we turn to God.

At the extreme end of persecution there is an expression that sums it up: “there are no atheists in foxholes.”

In other words, when the real shadow government led by the real Prince of Darkness lets loose the minions who reveal their real intentions, people scramble for safety.

Including spiritual safety.

WIN (Arrival)

By arrival, I mean that time when yet another person says “yes” to God and enters the assembly of believers until that last one arrives for whom, you might say, God will keep holding open the door until he or she is securely inside.

Perhaps it’s that one in the foxhole who, until incoming, denied God.

Perhaps it’s the curious child in Sunday School who has more questions about the characters stuck on the flannel board.

Perhaps it’s an ill or sorrowing mother or father or child or friend or a lonely neighbor distressed with all that’s going on.

Perhaps it’s that one close to death, or the other one curious about the Life behind the life called creation saturating the senses with every heartbeat.

Perhaps it’s you. At this specific juncture.

In the meantime, if there is more of a meantime (depends on what win is at hand), Monarchists are not finished; there is a lot of work to do. The fields are indeed white with harvest.

The King of Kings still sends us out, not to the streets or the soap boxes or the political arenas necessarily, but to the family, friends, neighbors, and/or colleagues who still need a Savior, a hope beyond the increasingly hopeless world situation, beyond a “normal” they know deep down will never return. (See “bonus,” below, for more on the “normal” topic because there is a bigger perspective there, too.)

The world’s trouble, as always,  is but the catalyst to prompt a turn, or return, to something bigger, more hopeful, more redemptive, more sure, for those with eyes longing to see, ears longing to hear, frustrated minds wanting clarity, and broken hearts in need of repair.

That “something” would be the real God the world either suppresses or denies. But He never leaves the consciousness of individuals or cultures.

Indeed, there are millions of counterfeit gods–but only because there is a real one. Powerful. Eternal. Creative. Mysterious. And wholly invested in the lives of His beloved creatures, those for whom He sent His Only Begotten Son…

He’s waiting for them. Has been all along. It’s just that it took this mess we’ve gotten ourselves into down here to prompt a response from many.

For Monarchists it’s especially important to resist the clamor on the streets and the downslide of civilization that prompts a retreat to anger and frustration, and, as never before, it’s important to stay close to the throne for our next instructions.

But it’s an exciting time, really, if you think about it, a time ripe with opportunity both here on earth and there in the throne room.

So lift up your heads and hearts and carry on–but also keep in mind Jesus’ advice for such a time as this:

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. (Matthew 10:16***)


*The real America, not the revisionist history America.

**For information on salvation read here.

***For further discussion on snakes and doves, see here.

BONUS (with grins at the end)

On the New Normal versus God’s Normal

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