Monarchists Unite! Part 1 (?)

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

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I used to be a Democrat (in the tradition of my family).

Then I became a Republican.

Then I became an Independent.

Now I am a Monarchist.

Say what?

(Not that kind, LOL.)

But as in one who now serves only the King of Kings, as in God (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), as in the only Ruler who has kept His promises from the get-go; Who has not used, abused, exploited, lied to, and betrayed me. Who gave of Himself through His Only Begotten Son to make things right for me, as it were, and for all those who by faith put their trust in Him only.

As in the King Who doesn’t daily ask for my money and time and enthusiasm and vote and then throws me under the bus and forgets me until the next voting cycle so He can get rich like the “rulers” down here do.

As in the King Who has made it clear in many narratives in the Bible that He encourages, hears, and answers prayers, at once or at length, and then the people recycle the same old history that leads to forgetting Him and crafting their own gods which leads to trouble that starts with “T” that rhymes with “D” that stands for “Disobedience” that leads to everything falling apart.

(And then they gripe and moan and blame Him when their empire falls–yet another empire falls, that is.)

So enough of the mourning, already, for some kind of new morning in America.

I’m taking back my time, my money, and my enthusiasm to use, I pray, for eternal results. Oh, I will still “vote,” as it were, as it would be if…

I mean, aren’t you, too, dear reader, tired of all the TALK about trouble with no ACTION?

Aren’t you, too, tired of contributing your time, money, and enthusiasm, only to be used so somebody can get richer or whatever else it is they lust after lurking in the hallways of power, huddled in hidden chambers, and hunched beneath bridges waiting to pounce on innocent passers-by…?

Me, too.

As a believer, however, I have a much richer and longer-lasting investment to make, eternal you could say, one that WILL do some good.

And that’s where I’m headed, now, awaiting the next advice, correction, encouragement, and battle cry from my real leader (all along), the King of Kings, the Eternal Monarch of life and light and truth.

No more gamesmen, con artists, thieves and would-be kings/queens whose clay statues–along with all the others–will one day fall and crumble in the deserts of their own making.


It’s only the Real One for me, now.

But isn’t this also a biblical pattern? That is, when hard times come, when the “best laid plans of mice and of men ‘gang aft a-gley‘” or “go often wrong,” (to cite the poet Robert Burns) the people who have placed some or much faith and trust in those who aft turn out to be gamesmen, con artists, thieves, and would-be kings and queens, are once again disappointed, if not also used, abused, and forgotten?


So have I succumbed to cynicism (that which is worse than being conned and left in the sand)?


I have just learned (I confess, once again) that he or she who places more than appropriate trust in flesh and blood does aft spend hard-earned blood sweat and tears usually for naught, as history–both biblical and non–doth tell (as Burns might pen it).



The influence of the King of Kings, the Eternal Monarch of Light, Life, and Truth.


Because only in Him is there everlasting power whereas for the wannabe’s there is only a dead-end street (atop the hallways, chambers, and bridges).

Thus my Tipping. Point–and regular point–today, maybe in the only real and lasting direction both prophesied and profitable all along, though, granted, a few earthly leaders be good…

Some of us come to the party, as it were, a little late.

Or should I say, this time citing Scripture, to the harvest a little late.

Nevertheless, WE’RE HE-RE. 

And there’s far more important work to be done, time and goods to contribute, and enthusiasm to enjoy.

Join me?

Watch this space.

I have a feeling this is Part 1 of a new series…

UPDATE: Part 2


Image of God source.

Image of Ozymandias source.

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5 Responses to Monarchists Unite! Part 1 (?)

  1. I’ll join your Monarchist club, Phyllis! First I was an Anglican, then I became a Catholic. Now I’m a Christian without a church ‘label’. Why bother with the middle man when you can have direct access to the Maker?….a citizen of God’s kingdom.


    • pbn says:

      So true, especially considering that the Church is not brick and mortar but flesh and blood “housing” the Holy Spirit imparted to us at our spiritual re-birth.

      Carry on :),



  2. Cathy says:

    HE will Never Fail You!


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