“A message of comfort to the people of America in their present plight” Guest Encouragement

The encouragement below comes from Colin Markham who blogs at Fellowship of St. Peter – Christian spirituality and fellowship (U.K.)

It pairs well with yesterday’s post, I think, and myriad other Scriptures that bear witness to the longevity (as in eternal) of God’s love and His provision no matter how bleak the world can be–today, for example. For if you’ve noticed, it seems that nearly every headline reflects the lawlessness rampant in the world just now as well being yet another Orwellian attempt to twist truth and seat propaganda into the minds of the masses.


One way to resist is to stay in the Word of God for reminders such as Markham shares, for in such a place of clarity and discernment we stay out of the neuro-lock, you might put it, of the “fight or flight” response to the arguably weaponized fear that seems rampant these days.

Indeed, fear seems hyper-charged as it metastasizes globally while causing many of its purveyors to be increasingly heady with assumed dictatorial power.

God’s Word is also a good reference for reminders of who authors fear, as in, that ancient Destroyer in Chief.

More importantly, the Bible is a reference for Who does not author fear, of Whom it is said, “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control(2 timothy 1:7, emphasis added)–the triumvirate, you might put it, of not only temporal but also eternal, overcoming power in every struggle of good versus evil. 

Another related way to resist, and on a very practical level, is to scan the scriptures for as long as you scan the news. It’s a good mental, spiritual, emotional, psychological, and in many cases physical as well, antidote. 

Carry on. — PBN


A message of comfort to the people of America in their present plight

Take courage, my children, call on God:
he will deliver you from tyranny, from the hands of your enemies;
for I look to the Eternal for your rescue,
and joy has come to me from the Holy One
at the mercy soon to reach you
from your saviour, the Eternal. (Baruch 4.21-22)

You never consent to that corrupt tribunal
that imposes disorder as law,
that takes the life of the virtuous
and condemns the innocent to death.

No! The Lord is my citadel,
my God is a rock where I take shelter;
he will pay them back for all their sins,
he will silence their wickedness,
the Lord our God will silence them. (Psalm 94.20-23)

(Jerusalem Bible)


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